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We supply linear actuators from TECHLINE. These linear actuators are the strong alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic movements. They are heavy-duty linear actuators, designed for harsh conditions.

Models include:

  • LA12 - a compact, robust actuator, characterised by outstanding performance in harsh conditions
  • LA32 - powerful and available with a ball screw spindle to provide outstanding performance
  • LA23 - small, yet strong push or pull actuators

Industrial Lifting Columns

Further to linear actuators, we also provide various options for industrial lifting columns. Our industrial lifting columns are from the TECHLINE range, and they offer strong lifting capacities to industrial environments.

Models include:

  • DL2 - specially designed for workstations
  • LP2 - a max. thrust of 6,300 N and ideal for vertical positioning of heavy loads
  • LC2 - the LC2 can push up to 5,000 N.
Industrial Lifting Columns

Actuator Control Boxes

Our vast actuator product range includes numerous options in actuator control boxes.

Our actuator control boxes are again available from TECHLINE, with further models available from MEDLINE and CARELINE, DESKLINE and HOMELINE. All application requirements are met with our supply of actuator control boxes.

Actuator Control Boxes

Actuator Systems Controls

Visit our website and take a look at our actuator system controls. As with the other actuator ranges, we supply actuator system controls from MEDLINE and CARELINE, DESKLINE, HOMELINE and TECHLINE.

Products include:

  • DP controls - developed for adjustment of both office desks and workstations
  • DPH - a small desk panel of foil that can easily be integrated in tabletops
  • DPT - a panel with soft touch function for office desks
Actuator Systems Controls

Dual Actuators

We are suppliers of dual actuators. We supply LINAK TWINDRIVE® dual actuators, safe and comfortable solutions for adjustable leisure beds.

For unbeatable quality and versatility in dual actuators, the TWINDRIVE system has a low noise level as well as small built-in dimensions, giving maximum free space underneath the bed.

Dual Actuators

Heavy Duty Actuator Solutions

We provide heavy duty actuator solutions. Our heavy duty actuator solutions are suited to a great number of different applications.

Agricultural machinery - precision work in rough circumstances:

Farming is hard work and agricultural equipment often has to work under extreme and hostile conditions. Actuator systems in mobile agricultural machinery have to be tough enough to withstand weather, bumps and exposure to all sorts of fertilisers.

Any TECHLINE™ electrical actuator solution will fulfil these demands. We are interested in how we can help you improve your agricultural application to be even more productive and comfortable to use.

Industrial automation - ergonomic process optimisation:

Factories and industrial production facilities are constantly faced with having to optimise processes to make the most of both machi­nes and manpower. To help them achieve this many machine builders have found electric actuator systems to be the perfect solution.

TECHLINE™ linear actuators are very versatile and flexible, presenting powerful movement as well as excellent control and accuracy. As a machine builder you will benefit from lower costs, easier installation and easy integration with control systems compared to other solutions. However, it is the appreciation given to machinery with electric actuator solutions by customers and end-users that will really give you the competitive edge.

Heavy Duty Actuator Solutions

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