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0800 numbers are easy to set up and very inexpensive. The benefits of 0800 numbers attract more enquiries to your business and enhance the image perceived by your customers.

They also give your organisation an edge over competitive companies and research shows up to 85 percent of customers prefer to use a free 0800 number than paying for a call.

It encourages customers to place more sale orders by phone and 0800 numbers can also help to track your advertising so you can tell which campaigns are working and which are not quite so successful.

0845 Numbers

0845 numbers can help to enhance the marketing potential of your business and invite prospective and existing clients to contact you at the same price as a local call no matter where they are calling from.

0845 numbers can give companies a national profile and gives you a definite edge over rivalling companies. Customers see 0845 numbers as a superior aftersales service.

0844 Numbers

0844 numbers enable your company to have a portable number you will not need to change. 0844 numbers mean you never have to anticipate changing your telephone business number.

0844 numbers are instantly redirected if you move premises and your telephone services will remain unaffected by the change over. For you and your customers nothing has changed and the number gives peace of mind.

Regional Numbers

Regional numbers give your business the appearance of a local company to a greater range of customers. Standard network rates apply from a mobile phone and with regional numbers your business has an edge over competitors who do not have a 'local' number. It also tracks your advertising and helps to highlight what ads work and what ads do not.

01/02 numbers

If you would like a local presence in a different part of the country where you do not have an office, 01/02 numbers could be the answer. 01/02 numbers can give, for example, a Manchester-based business a perceived presence in London using a London 020 VGN routing.

Customers are more likely to trust a local business so why not appear like one and market your business to the entirety of your local catchment area. The benefits of a 01/02 number include not only a local presence with a local number but also standard network rates from a mobile phone and tracked responses to gauge the success of your advertisements.

01/02 numbers look the same as land line numbers but they have the similar flexibility as a 0845 or 0800 number. They biggest advantage of these numbers are they are recognised as land line number by mobile networks and will be bundled in with a call plan.

Low Cost Calls

We offer low cost calls and simple access to lower the phone bills for customers and businesses. Our low cost calls charge 1p per minute and customers can call anywhere in the world at highly competitive prices. 

  • Australia - 2.5 pence per minute
  • Ireland - 2.5 pence per minute
  • France - 2.5 pence per minute
  • Germany - 2.5 pence per minute
  • USA - 2.5 pence per minute
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