Line-x (North Devon) Ltd


LINE-X (North Devon) Ltd are your local Protective Coatings Applicators.

Our Spray applied Polyurea Coatings are used across a broad range of Industries including Automotive, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Military.

As an authorised  LINE-X Dealer we mainly spray Truck Beds and the interior of Van Cargo Bay's, but over the past few years we have seen an increase in custom applications such as Industrial Stilages.

Spray-on Truck Bed Liners

LINE-X spray on bed liners have been dominating the truck bed protection market since the early 90's. Our spray applied polyurea coatings offers a number of beneficial advantages which include:

  • Touch Dry in 3-5 seconds, which means you get your vehicle back on the road the very same day
  • Factory finished look
  • No loss of Cargo space
  • Prevents rust, corrosion, dings and scratches.

To learn more about the LINE-X advantages visit the LINE-X North Devon Website

Spray-on Van Linings North Devon

LINE-X Spray applied Van liners provide durable protection to the interior of the cargo bay.

Our spray applied liners offer a range of advantages which include:

  • Certified "Food Safe" - Great for food freight industries
  • No loss of cargo space
  • watertight and air tight seal, preventing rust and corrosion
  • Scratch and Slip resistant
  • Optional Antimicrobial protection available

You can learn more about the LINE-X advantages by visiting the LINE-X North Devon Website

Agricultural Protective Coatings

LINE-X Agricultural protective coatings are ideal for protecting different parts and components suffering from rust, corrosion, dings and scratches. The LINE-X spray applied polyurea coating creates a durable watertight seal which protects the substrate from the elements, rubble and water.

Industrial Coatings Applicators

We are official mobile applicators for the LINE-X range of multi-purpose, spray applied polyurea coatings for the North Devon Area. LINE-X provides enhanced protection for virtually any surface including meal, fibreglass, wood, and polystyrene.

We carry out applications across Banstaple, Bideford, South Molten, Ilfracombe and Great Torrington

ASPART-X - Aliphatic Flooring Applicators

We are the ASPART-X Flooring System Applicators for North Devon.

ASPART-X Flooring applications have been formulated to hold all the benefits of polyurea such as high tensile strength, chemical resistance and Elongation but with the added advantage of an aesthetically pleasing, UV stable, stain resistant finish, suitable for Concrete patios, Garage floors, Industrial flooring and Wet rooms. Just like all the LINE-X family of chemicals ASPART-X has no VOC's or CFC's – 100% solids.

Coatings for a Jeep Renegade

LINE-X has been sprayed into the interior of Jeep Renegades. LINE-X serves several purposes including protection against rust, providing an easy to clean floor area that will not be affected by rain/water/mud, (unlike the carpet) giving the Jeep floor a like new appearance and most importantly making his Jeep the envy of the 4x4 off road community

Racing Trailer Protective Coatings

An obvious problem that Race Trailers suffer are when you are unable to clean the mud from the sidecar at the track, so you end up loading a muddy machine onto your trailer for the journey home. Once home you will then have to unload the machine and clean out the trailer. As the floor are wood and sides of the trailer are ply lined, steam cleaning the trailer wasn’t a very practical solution.

Spraying LINE-X onto the ply lined sides and the wooden floor of the trailer completely seals the wood and protects it from all the chemicals related with motor sports, i.e. Petrol, oil, grease and even the effects of water and detergent when steam cleaning the inside of the trailer.

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