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Linx Printing Technologies Ltd is a global technology leader in the design and manufacture of industrial continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers, impulse jet printers and laser coders.

printers and coders are used on production lines in a wide range of manufacturing sectors, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automotive and electronic industries, where product identification codes, batch numbers, use by dates and barcodes are required.

Distinguished by reliability, ease of use and low cost of ownership, Linx products code and mark millions of items every day and through their network of specialist distributors and overseas sales offices, are supported by exceptional customer care.

Continuous Ink Jet - CIJ

CIJ is a non-contact printing method whereby electrically charged droplets of ink, half the diameter of a human hair, are expelled from a printhead nozzle at a rate of up to 120,000 droplets per second to form a character or pattern.  The non-contact nature of CIJ allows coding of irregular products and on high speed lines.  You can trust Linx to provide a comprehensive solution to your industrial marking needs with our inkjet printers.

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Laser Coders

Industrial laser coding uses CO2  laser technology to mark products by producing intense pulses of light which are deflected to form characters.  Laser coding is achieved by removing material or a coating from the product or packaging, or by changing the surface of the substrate. The latter will cause a colour change in some plastics to produce a discernable mark.   Linx laser marking systems are fast, versatile and offer the lowest running costs on the market.

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Large Character Printers

Linx Large Character Printers are used to produce large character codes. A sophisticated printhead holds ink in multiple nozzles, and ink droplets are expelled on demand to create characters on a moving substrate. Piezoelectric crystals are used to propel the oil-based ink droplets. Linx printheads have 500 nozzles for 180 dpi resolution - ideal for graphics and bar codes.  You can trust Linx for all your large character printing/case coding needs.

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Linx Inks and Fluids

Linx formulates its own inks and fluids, evaluates them over a 6-12 month period, and then manufactures them according to strict quality assurance standards. Only if an ink or solvent cannot be made to fail in a Linx printer is it released. That's why Linx inks and fluids - from thermochromic inks to solvents - provide optimum performance in Linx continuous ink jet printers.

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Linx industrial ink jet printer and laser coding accessories are designed to enable correct integration of Linx printers and coders with the production line. For unusual or challenging set-ups, our customer engineering department can build customised solutions to suit every application.

Leasing - CompleteCode

Introducing Linx CompleteCode – a revolutionary Coding Service from £10 a day*

How much time do you spend managing your coding requirements and maintaining your coding equipment?  Valuable time, which you could spend on more important things for your business.

At Linx, we’ve developed a unique all-inclusive coding service that takes away all your daily coding worries for just £10 a day*. CompleteCode will satisfy all your coding needs through a transparent and fixed monthly payment.

In fact, with Linx CompleteCode you don’t even have to commit to any capital outlay on your next new printer. Also, you don’t have to worry about hidden or unexpected costs during the printer lifetime.

And it's not just our CIJ printers that you can lease with CompleteCode - it can be used to lease any Linx coding and marking product.

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Leasing - EasyPay

Need new capital equipment but stuck waiting for CAPEX approval or for new budget allocation?

No budget! No problem!

Linx has developed EasyPay, a simple solution offering access to all the latest cost efficient coding and marking technologies from Linx, without the need to commit to any capital outlay.

  • No need to wait for budget/capital availability
  • Linx EasyPay allows you to purchase a brand new printer with predictable monthly payments

To find out more about how you could own a Linx printer for as little as £120 a month* contact us today!

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