Living Streams Consultancy UK Ltd

Your projects should not be haphazard. Your marketing through the Internet should be planned venture, not an adventure.

Bringing many years personal experience, backed by a large organisation's support, we are able to offer a safe path through technological change.

This is particularly true of the Internet, it's been around for years and so you shouldn't feel that your use of it is an experiment. A clear strategy, well delivered can ensure the results that you need, happen.
  • Website creation - domain purchase, website structure, content layout, copywriting, graphics, hosting
  • Website based application - e-commerce, e-learning, documentation control systems and intranet/extranet
  • ¬†Website marketing - SEO, PPC
  • Website assessment - analysis reports, visitor statistics
  • Internet office
  • E-mail marketing
  • Data backup service
Think of us as a trusted assistant you can rely on, able to bring in experts from all areas of business to work with you, not just the internet.

Living Streams Consultancy UK Ltd Overview