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Established in 1954, LJA Miers & Co. Ltd is one of the longest running rubber and plastics converters in the United Kingdom today. We have established a range of products and services that ensures we are able to be a one-stop shop for all our customers' requirements. Our centrally located warehouse and production facilities mean we are able to cope with the just in time requirements of modern manufacturing industry. 

Bespoke Production:

We are able to offer tailored solutions to all our customers requirements:

  • Kiss cut parts
  • Rotary cut parts
  • Adhesive coated foams
  • Adhesive coated fabrics
  • Flexible extrusions in a range of rubber materials
  • Foam mouldings

Key Milestones:

The history of Miers has been one of innovation with new products being developed such as our Miothene expansion joint strips and the promotion of Clatonrite glazing sections.

Kiss Cut Parts Cambridgeshire

We are able to cut parts from continuous rolls, where the parts are adhesive backed we can remove waste material for pick and place applications. We can also pack and stack loose cut parts in tubes and cores. 

Kiss Cut Parts Cambridgeshire

Rotary Cut Parts Cambridgeshire

Miers can laminate adhesive tapes to foams and plastics, and cut these using rotary tools. This process is ideal for high volume parts, finger-lift pads, tapes and cut lengths of materials.

Rotary Cut Parts Cambridgeshire

Adhesive Coated Foams and Fabrics

Miers are specialist coaters of PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives) to many different substrates. We are able to apply our adhesive tapes to cork, felt, polyethylene foam, EPDM rubber, and more...

Adhesive Coated Foams and Fabrics


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