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LMA Services, specialises in industrial aerosol manufacture and boasts an established complete stock of many products from aerosol sprays and adhesives to lubricants degreasers and cleaners.

 We are pleased to offer our service and advice regarding industrial aerosol manufacture and are confident with our experienced background to satisfy your requirements with our bespoke product range.

Adhesive Sprays

As part of our fantastic stock, our various adhesive sprays come with variable valves and different spray patterns for different applications.

Our adhesive spray collection includes:

  • Standard adhesive spray – fast tack and high tack with low odours
  • Non-chlorinated adhesive spray – non chlorinated solvent blend

Lubricant Products

We pride ourselves with the broad range of lubricant products we can offer. With optimum choice, we can supply lubricant aerosol and maintenance sprays, de-watering fluid and silicone lubricants. Other lubricant products in our extensive stock list consist of various grease and oil based products.

These include:

  • Copper HT grease
  • PTFE grease
  • White grease
  • Graphite Penetrate oil
  • Penetrating oil

Cleaning Aerosol Sprays

We don't just provide standard cleaning aerosol sprays for general purposes, but a vast range of specialist cleaning aerosol sprays and other cleaning products for specific applications and uses.

In our cleaning product range we include:

  • Carburettor cleaner - suitable for cleaning dirt and grime inside and outside carburettors and fuel line parts.
  • Lens cleaner - a fast drying, non-smearing product developed to clean most marks off glasses and optical instrument lenses.
  • Stainless Steel cleaner - suitable for cleaning almost anything off stainless steel surfaces
  • Window / Glass cleaner - a slow drying cleaning product that allows easy cleaning


We have several degreasers developed for specific solutions in different conditions.

Our degreaser range includes:

  • Non-chlorine degreaser - a very effective degreaser that does not contain any chlorinated components.
  • Safety degreaser - an effective degreaser containing less environmentally harmful products than the chlorinated and non-chlorinated alternatives
  • Solvent degreaser - a superbly effective, traditional degreaser.


Available in a range of different sized containers, we have selective types of polish available.

These include:

  • Silicone polish - an effective silicone-based surface spray (can have added perfume) for giving a lasting shine to many surfaces.
  • Select polish - a traditional wax polish for application to most surfaces

Agricultural Products

LMA services specialises in a broad range of agricultural products for the care and work with agricultural animals. We have an extensive stock of thoughtful and essential agricultural products from aerosol sprays in a variety of bright colours to sheep and cattle marking fluid.

We provide:

  • Pig marking aerosol
  • Sheep marking fluid
  • Cattle and hide marker
  • Stockholm mint tar aerosol
  • Tail paint aerosol
  • Udder mint aerosol

Natural Oils

Many products we can supply have a natural oil base for a powerful natural result.

Within our natural oils product range we include:

  • Tea tree oil aerosol - described by the tea tree growers of Australia as a very powerful natural antiseptic
  • Eucalyptus oil air freshener - a highly effective atmosphere improver that can be used for the well being of animals
  • Dichlorophen and Gentian Violet - a highly effective wound spray in many applications

Gasket and Graffiti Removal

LMA Services can provide ideal solutions for gasket and graffiti removal.

Our gasket and graffiti removal products involve a blend of solvents specifically developed to work together and enhance performance. Both products are available in sizes 150ml to 600ml.

Line-making Aerosol Spray

We can supply accurate line-making aerosol spray available in sizes 200ml to 750ml. Our line-making aerosol spray products are durable and multi-coloured.

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