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Here at Load Choker, we were designed and developed by a truck driver to meet the needs of truck drivers. We provide a leap forward in load securing techniques and offer the potential to solve an assortment of everyday challenges when it comes to securing difficult and awkward loads.

Our load choker system is reliable and has been developed to suit constant and rigorous use. Our load choker systems are in daily use in Australia and New Zealand and is now available in the U.K, Europe and the USA.

Chain Choker

Our chain choker systems are manufactured from drop forged alloy steel for strength and durability and have a zinc passivated finish for long service life. Our chain chokers feature rolled edges to maximise the service life of straps and create an even tension around the load.

We provide solutions to give significantly faster unloading times, ideal for multiple deliveries, and offer far greater restraint ability in emergency situations.

Chain Choker

Strap Choker

We have produced the strap choker for use in an assortment of applications to secure material firmly in place and providing an even tension throughout the load restraint assembly. Our strap choker will prevent material movement in any direction. Even double tension can be achieved as our systems offer a 2 to 1 mechanical advantage due to the 'pulley' effect of the choker.

Strap Choker

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