We supply common locker keys @ £1.95 each usually with same day dispatch. We stock most locker keys found in the UK

Just type your key number which is stamped on the lockface into our website searchbar and you should get your keys the next day.

Locker Locks

We can prepare most locker locks used in the UK  for next day dispatch. We have thousands of locker locks available. If you cannot identify the locker lock you need then send us a sample or email a good photo, and we will try to match it up for you or build it to your specifications.

Master Keys

We supply master keys to support your business, customers, or staff. Please contact us to determine which master key is best for your needs.

Metal Filing Cabinet Locks

We stock a wide variety of metal filing cabinet locks. With supplies for most the common filing cabinets, if you cannot identify the metal filing cabinet lock you need, please send us a sample or email a good photo and we will do our best to match it up for you.

Office Furniture Keys

We have replacement office furniture keys. The replacement key number is stamped on the lockface and on the original key. To order replacement keys just type your full key number in the search bar. For larger orders of office furniture keys, just email us your list and we will take it from there. Most furniture keys are available within 5 days.

Office Furniture Locks

We supply office furniture locks to support your business, customers, or staff. Please contact us to determine which office furniture locks are best for your needs.

Padlocks and Latchlocks

We have thousands of padlocks and latchlocks available next day by mail order in the UK from We recommend the 40mm ASEC padlocks. They are secure, long lasting and very good value.

Lockerkeys. biz Ltd

Lockerkeys. biz Ltd are based in Edgware and have a range of replacement keys and locks available online. We have a diverse customer base who enjoy our high quality service and competitive prices.

Lockerkeys biz. Ltd deal with all queries immediately and offer accurate and efficient solutions.

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