Logis-Tech Associates

Reduce Costs and Maximise Profits !!!!

Logis–Tech Associates supply, worldwide, ultrasonic sensing detection sets for leak detection, electrical and mechanical fault finding.

Advantages: Portable, handheld, easy to use, environmentally friendly, no more spraying, repay their initial cost outlay tenfold, reduce energy costs, improve system performance and efficiency, ideally suited in noisy environments.


Leak detection:
  • Compressed air systems, gases, air lines, pipe systems, vacuums, steam traps, etc.,
  • Automotive (exhaust systems, window/door sunroof seals, trunk/boot compartments, compressed air brake line)
  • Vessels, cylinders, tanks, enclosures, etc.,
Mechanical trouble shooting:
  • All moveable parts in machinery, bearings, gears, detection of rubbing, lubrication, etc.
Electric Systems:
  • Arcing and corona discharge
There is a 2 year warranty on all models.

A–1 Technical Training, a sub -division of Logis-Tech Associates, an approved learning provider for the Scottish University for Industry (SUfI), a member of Microsystems University Service (EuroTraining) and with links to several (6 in total) highly acclaimed UK Universities deliver: open learning / distance learning Higher National Certificate engineering training courses worldwide (University/SQA– Scottish Qualifications Authority accredited) in several Engineering disciplines:
  • HNC in Electrical
  • HNC in Mechanical
  • HNC in Electronics
  • HNC in Multidiscipline
  • HNC in Instrumentation
  • HNC in Chemical Process
Other undergraduate distant learning programmes
  • HND in Engineering (Multidiscipline)
  • B.Eng (Hons) degree in Multidiscipline Engineering
  • B.Eng (Hons) degree in Chemical Engineering
As well as post–graduate MSc (Master of Science) degrees (full–time, part–time, distance/block format – University accredited) in:
  • MSC in Maintenance Management
  • MSc in Instrumentation & Control
  • MSc in Wireless Communication Technologies
  • MSc in Embedded System Design
  • MSc in Offshore & Ocean Technology
  • MSc in Energy

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