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Lojer Products was started in 1985 and is one of the leading specialists in retail security (or shop security) and  exhibition stand display security. We anti shoplifting protect security are focused on our customers' article protection, so that they can stimulate their sales while ensuring their displayed products are secure. These include retailers such as Makro, House of Frasier, O2, Vodafone and Scottish & Southern Electric; and exhibition stands for Microsoft, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Fuji and Kodak.

Our aim is to provide INNOVATIVE leading-edge security solutions that are STYLISH & ELEGANT in use and appearance, whilst being reusable for cost effectiveness.

We ensure our equipment is:

  • Simple to install and use
  • Versatile and easily adapted to your requirements
  • Reliable with no false alarm or failures
  • Present and displays your products in attractive way

Loop Alarm Security

Allowing freedom to handle and operate the product, but restraining the item to where YOU want.

These systems give you an immediate alarm.

There is a wide variety of connection options, so we can be sure to offer you a suitable retail security solution.

Our loop alarm range is now further extended by the AV display - to further increase your sales.

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Loop Alarm Security

Mechanical Security

Fixed mounting points that really show your products at their best.

First rate security combined with exceptional looks come from modern designs.

Our recoilers let your customers handle items whilst you know they are truly secure.

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Mechanical Security

EAS Security Tags

Technology tracking solutions for your products' security.

We offer a very wide range of EAS tags with RFID, many benefiting from mechanical key tool locking/unlocking.

Our tags don't stop your customers from trying products - you track all unpurchased items in your store - added huge deterrent value!

EAS Security Tags

Secure AV Presentation

Presentation Platform Engaing. Informing. Selling 


Our audio visual presentation system is designed to be an advice centre to your customers. Enhancing their shopping experience and increasing sales with an affordable advanced digital secure display solution.
Our Systems advantages include:
  • Attracting customers attention with high impact presentation capabilities
  • Allowing customers to instantly receive your full product information
  • Delivers captivating audio visual message selling the benefits of your products
  • We work with you to handle your content needs


Our system features:
  • SECURING: Our loop alarm system secures your products from theft, and can also charge battery operated hand held devices.
  • INTERACTS with the customer. As your product is being handled the presentation is started by system electronic detector.
  • ADVISES customers with your specially prepared electronic media aimed at each particular products benefits.
  • ANALYSIS customer behaviour and preference – including reporting how often and length of time each item were picked up.
Secure AV Presentation

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