Loma Systems

Established in 1969, Loma Systems is the world's leading brand in the food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries, offering metal detectors, checkweighers and x-ray inspection technology as well as data capture software and after-market services.



Metal Detectors

The Loma Systems' IQ3 line of metal detectors identifies metallic foreign bodies in non-metallic products. Our aim is to supply simple to use, yet tough and technically advanced inspection systems, to the food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

  • True variable frequency, operating between 40 and 900 kHz
  • Unique coil geometry delivers unsurpassed levels of protection
  • Automatic product learn for high performance without adjustment
  • 304 stainless steel frame combined with Allen Bradley motor controls
  • No flat surfaces or hollow tubing to prevent contamination, meeting AMI standards




Loma's CW3 checkweighing series is designed to handle all types of flexible and rigid products and packages. Suitable for the most demanding environments, the CW3 series is hygenic and easy to maintain. Utilize the latest weighing and control technology to deliver precise results from the first to the last package weighed.

  • Unrivaled loadcell provides accuracy to 0.2g
  • Unique low centre of gravity
  • Forward-facing control box
  • Low vibration
  • 10.5" color touch screen provides easy operation and excellent visibility



X-ray Inspection Systems

Loma Systems' X4 and X5 series of x-ray inspection systems boast the highest sensitivity rates at three times other industry products. With groundbreaking fine grain imaging, it detects metallic and non-metallic contaminants such as glass, stone, calcified bone, high-density plastics, flavor clumps and rubber - even for products packaged in foil or metallized film.

  • Proprietary 3D modeling software
  • Ultra low power consumption at 18W to 150W
  • Automatic product calibration, ready to run in less than 30 seconds
  • Digitally-controlled, wide-angle, self-cooled x-ray tank
  • Tube life is 7 to 10 years, more than triple of other tubes on the market

Loma Systems Overview