London School of Facial Orthotropics

We are the leading clinic of orthodontic- orthotropic practitioners in the U.K, working with children and their families to treat malocclusion (a.k.a. crooked teeth) and its related symptoms. Malocclusion can lead to the severe misalignment of teeth and abnormal jaw and facial bone growth. We practice natural growth guidance: an early prevention, non-extraction, and non-surgical method—to correct these conditions and more.

The Orthotropic method strives to guide facial growth naturally through muscle strengthening exercises, posture improvement and non-intrusive, discrete orthotropic appliances. Our patients complete treatment with beautiful permanently straight teeth. We have transformed the lives of countless children by improving the function, health and appearance of their faces.

Orthotropics®, often called natural orthodontics, improves the general health of the face by treating the causes if effects the entire system, so can be considered holistic.

London School of Facial Orthotropics Overview