London Tools Ltd


A fantastic selection of Ironmongery to suit all requirements. Door handles, Escutcheons and Hinges to Window Fittings, Cabinet Hardware and much more. Simple Aluminium contract range items as well as top end Italian designer furniture available in a variety of finishes to ensure a match suitable for any situation.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

A vast selection of Personal Protective Equipment is available, suitable for carrying out any number of varying tasks in a multitude of alternating environments and situations. Be confident in the knowledge you're fully protected while at work.


We believe securing your home is a priority for everyone, that’s why London Tools Ltd offers a security solution suitable for every household. We offer a comprehensive selection of items ranging from insurance approved door locks to Home Surveillance Security Systems, as well as secondary items like door viewers and chains, everything you need to ensure total security and peace of mind. We also offer security items for use outside of home as well including Padlocks, Mailboxes, Chains and Hasp and Staples.

Hand Tools

As well as offering superior items for heavy duty day to day use by workmen performing any number of tasks, we also provide items for the novice and DIY enthusiast, items handy for sporadic use around the house. Here you will find any number of items suitable for all. There are Tape measures, Spanners, Pliers, Hammers and Staplers to Engraving machines, Crimping tools, Sharpening equipment, Tool Kits and many more.


Thanks to over 30 years of dealing face to face with customers we have been able to garner absolutely invaluable feedback which in turn has allowed us to tailor our stock to ensure only the very best items are available. We offer a choice selection of excellent construction tools from Trowels, Jointers and Pins for Bricklaying, Keys, Spanners and Levels for Scaffolding, Floats, Trowels, and Knives for Plastering as well as Torches, Burners and Kits for Roofing.

Power Tools

Due to 30+ years of industry experience we pride ourselves on having a near unparalleled knowledge of Power Tools. A choice selection of items suitable for completing a number of varying tasks are offered from industry leading manufacturers such as Makita, Dewalt, Bosch, Hitachi and more.

Power Tool Accessories

In addition to our range of Power Tools we also offer a range of accessories suitable to take on almost any conceivable job there is. Ranging from small DIY household tasks to large scale demolition, again using our extensive knowledge we have been able to cherry pick only the finest, hard working, most durable and effective products available from those available and make them available to our customers at affordable prices.

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