Loveshaw Europe

Loveshaw specialise in high quality, end-of-line packaging machinery including:
  • Case Erectors
  • Case Sealers
  • Case Coders
  • Pallet Wrappers
  • Case Sealing
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Case Erecting Machines
Although part of a large global group, ITW (Illinois Tool Works), we offer a tailored, consultation-based approach to our customers. Our objective is to install the Case Erectors, Case Sealers, Case Coders, Pallet Wrappers and end-of-line labelling systems and solutions whose function matches our customer’s requirements.

Loveshaw is flexible and responsive, with guaranteed turn-around times for the ‘reply to enquiry’ and ‘quotation following consultation’ stages of our dialogue with customers. Consultation with us is free as are on-site demonstrations.

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