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We are a leading supplier of water analysis and testing equipment.

We supply reliable water analysis and testing equipment to a number of industries including environmental, leisure and industrial sectors.

Different waters can be tested including:

  • Pools
  • Spas
  • Drinking water
  • Waste water
  • Ground water

Pool Water Testing

We supply a wide range of top quality pool water testing products.

Included in our pool water testing equipment is the Scuba Pool Tester, an electronic device which uses similar technology to what is used in public pool testing. Results are revealed on a digital display, and the Scuba Pool Tester has many other enhanced features including the ability to test for multiple parameters.

Pool Water Testing

Water Reagents

We supply an extensive range of water reagents. Included in our water reagents options are packets and also test sets depending on the size of your requirement.

Water reagents we stock include:

  • Acidifying PT tablets
  • Aluminium No 1 tablets
  • Aluminium Vario Powder set
  • Ammonia LR Vario Tube Test set
Water Reagents

pH Testing

We supply a range of pH testing devices and kits.

Included in these lines of products is the Lovibond® range of pH and TDS meters. They offer reliable digital measurements of pool and spa waters. These pH testing devices are hard wearing, fully waterproof and can be used directly in the pool.

pH Testing

Pool Photometers

Included in our extensive range of water testing devices and products are reliable and quality manufactured pool photometers.

Our pool photometers are hard wearing, reliable and easy to operate. The range is expansive and includes portable units and bench-top devices.

Pool Photometers


There are a variety of disinfectants used for water, but chlorine is by far the most popular. We have a wide range of chlorine based disinfectants suitable to many applications and requirements.

They include:

  • RapidTests
  • Checkit® Comparator
  • Comparator 2000+ test kits for water analysis
  • Comparator 2000+ discs

Pool Comparator Kits

We supply reliable, cost-efficient pool comparator kits. Our pool comparator kits provide quality, accurate testing capabilities that can be used across the leisure industry.

Our pool comparator kits include:

  • Checkit® comparator pool kits
  • Pool minikits
  • Comparator system 2000 pool kits
  • Comparator discs
Pool Comparator Kits

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