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Steam and Water Analysis Sampling will consist of all the equipment required to present an analyser with a conditioned, clean representative sample of the process stream and to dispose of that sample. When the analyser is part of an automatic control loop, the reliability of the sampling system is as important as the reliability of the analyser or the control equipment.

Sampling systems have several functions. The sample must be:

  •      Withdrawn from the process
  •      Transported
  •      Correctly conditioned
  •      Introduced into the analyser
  •      Disposed of

Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Using our systems integration expertise, we have proven gas analyser technology from manufacturers of proven quality instruments in our continuous emissions monitoring. This provides a turnkey service to the customer.

We offer proven solutions for environmental monitoring and gas applications. We can provide continuous emissions monitoring for power generation burning all types of fuel and in all types of plant, municipal, clinical, chemical and industrial waste incineration processes, and package boilers.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Electrical Control and Instrumentation Panels

We are the internationally recognised market leader in the design and manufacture of sample conditioning, analysis and instrumentation systems. Our electrical control and instrumentation services lend themselves to the power generation and petrochemical industries.

Our electrical control panel systems incorporate electrical control distribution panels for power and signalling, frequently for installation in hazardous areas.


Electrical Control and Instrumentation Panels

Sample Coolers

We have introduced a wider and upgraded range of sample coolers.

Some of the features of our sample coolers are as follows:

  • Large heat capacity
  • Counter-flow cooling
  • Coils designed to minimise thermal shock
  • Removable Shells
  • A single continuous coil with no joints
  • Compact design
Sample Coolers

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