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Ludger specialises in technology for the measurement and control of biopharmaceutical glycosylation. Our technology is used in the quality control of FDA- and EMEA-approved biopharmaceuticals worldwide. Our clients include leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies throughout the world, which are developing novel biopharmaceuticals and/or follow-on biologicals (biosimilars). We can perform glycoprofiling of biopharmaceutical samples to support regulatory submissions, cell line development, process optimisation and QC for final lot release of approved biologics.

Ludger Glycoprofiling Products

Ludger manufactures a comprehensive range of kits and reagents for ICH-compliant glycoprofiling of biopharmaceuticals throughout the drug development cycle. Our catalogue includes kits for glycan release, labelling and purification. We also sell labelled glycans, glycan HPLC columns, endoglycosidases and glycoprotein standards. Ludger is committed to ongoing new product development to ensure that there are high quality products available to you.

Ludger Glycoprofiling Services

We can design and execute appropriate glycoprofiling programmes for your therapeutic and transfer optimised glycoprofiling methods to your laboratories. Our analytical services for glycan characterization include: sialic acid profiling (to compare levels of NeuAc vs NeuGc), quantitative monosaccharide analysis, Level 1 and Level 2 profiling of N- and O-glycans by a range of orthogonal HPLC and MS methods and detailed exoglycosidase sequencing. Following glycoprofiling customers are provided with a detailed report.


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