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At Lupton and Place, we specialise in the manufacture of aluminium die casting and various pressure and gravity die castings for many industries including automotive, defence, electronics, lighting and construction.

Our level of service for aluminium die casting is unmatched in the industry with our technological and engineering experience.

Gravity Die Casting

We ensure our gravity die casting service is of optimal standard with years of casting experience behind us.

We have invested in the latest technology and an advanced tilt-gravity plant to enhance our gravity die casting services further and provide a wide scope of product sizes using many various alloys.

Aluminium Pressure Die Casting

We have maintained a leading edge for aluminium pressure die casting technology with a policy for continuous development. At Lupton and Place, we have the investment, systems and quality control for efficient aluminium pressure die casting. We can boast one of the industry’s best equipped CNC foundries.


From special purpose machining to shot blasting, ball burnishing and multi head drilling, our machining facilities are vast in variety and excellent in quality of performance.

We are also able to provide a wide range of surface finishes from powder coating to plating to suit the final requirement of the client.


The automotive industry is a key sector for us.

From structural components to luxury car marquees, we supply the following for automotive businesses:

  • Under bonnet components
  • Literally hundreds of parts for braking systems on most of the world’s leading commercial
  • Vehicle brands


The defence industry is also a target sector benefiting from our product range. We can supply enclosures for communication devices in the defence sector.

Electronics / Entertainment

For electronics and entertainment businesses, we produce a variety of enclosures.

We also supply electronic drive converters for the electronics and entertainment industries.

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