Lymore Ltd (t/a Lampitt Fire Escapes)


The Ladder-X-it range of retractable rigid foldaway emergency escape ladders provides escape where security, space and unobtrusiveness are critical.

Descenders - Davy Descender

It embodies a patented centrifugally geared braking mechanism which ensures a controlled rate of descent, Irrespective of weight or height.

Descenders - Davy Descender

Fire Escape Chutes - Ingstrom Escape Chute

A range of fire escape chutes especially suited to mass escape from high rise buildings and other high positions.

Fire Escape Chutes - Ingstrom Escape Chute


As well as emergency escape systems, Lymore Ltd offer site evaluations and custom solutions for difficult escape situations. Lymore’s custom escapes includes ‘throw-outs’, telescopic, hinged and balconies.

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