M Buttkereit Ltd

We are suppliers of an immense variety of cable handling and machine tool protection equipment including options in cable drag chains. Cable drag chains are designed to guide and support moveable cables/hoses and are available in plastic or steel construction.

Steel chains are assembled to suit your specific application and can be supplied with covers, machined cable supports or in stainless steel. Plastic chains are available in a vast range of sizes and can be supplied assembled to the required length, complete with end fittings.

  1. Aluminium Apron Covers

    Aluminium Apron Covers
    Apron type cover systems protect machinery from chips and coolants. The cover systems are available as single parts or as complete modules including guide track systems and roll away covers, making them flexible to fit in existing environments
  2. Anti Friction Coating

    Anti Friction Coating
    Form and repair slideways with technically excellent properties. The material can be applied to the slideway via spatula, injected or poured. The result is a extremely accurate and hard wearing slideway surface.
  3. Cable Clamps

    Cable Clamps
    Our cable clamps are designed to hold and support a variety of different power cables in a variety of situations. The clamps are all short circuit tested and can clamp single or multiple cable arrangements.
  4. Cable Drag Chains

    Cable Drag Chains
    Plastic chains are available in a vast range of sizes and can be supplied assembled to the required length, complete with end fittings. Both Steel and Plastic Chains are of outstanding quality and competitively priced. They are available at short notice for replacements and breakdowns or can be supplied to meet your production schedule.
  5. Cable Entry Systems

    Cable Entry Systems
    The cable entry system is a combination of a cable entry frame and captive split inserts.The split of the system enables pre-terminated wires and conduits to be routed into panels,machines, junction boxes and through walls.
  6. EMC Solutions

    EMC Solutions
    A range of flexible, quick and supremely effective EMC clamps for shielding cables.
  7. Flexible Conduit

    Flexible Conduit
    We supply a complete range of flexible conduit systems to many industries across Europe.Conduits are available in both plastic and steel (including plastic covered types) with end connectors having PG or metric threads.Suitable types are available for all applications
  8. Protective Bellows

    Protective Bellows
    We can provide bellows to suit any number of applications. Round bellows, box bellows or polygonal bellows can be manufactured to suit your specific requirements. The shape, size and material of the bellows are made to suit the customers requirements.
  9. Rollaway Covers

    Rollaway Covers
    Roll-Away Covers with internal spring motor are the inexpensive solution for the protection of machine tools when space is restricted and complete sealing is not necessary.
  10. Slideway Wipers

    Slideway Wipers
    Slideway protection plays an important part in preserving the life of machine tools. Our range of slideway wipers provide the very best protection for slideways. Whether a new build or a rebuild. Wipers are supplied in standard lengths of 500mm or 1000mm and can be cut to size and shape in your own factory