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Maccaferri Ltd is a leading UK supplier in gabion walls and other materials to the construction industry. We have extended our product list significantly enabling us to provide you with more choice of high quality products and materials.

Gabion walls constructed with our gabion will be reinforced with double twisted hexagonal mesh of steel wire and will withstand many environmental factors with durable strength.

Retaining Structures

Our retaining structures are flexible and modular suiting most ground conditions. Proving simple and fast to construct, our retaining structures are reliable efficient and have the advantage of not needing specialist labour.

Erosion Protection

Erosion can be the cause of many problems and a challenge in itself to avoid, but here at Maccaferri Ltd with our specialist knowledge we have developed many erosion protection techniques to provide many earth erosion solutions.

Our graded logical range of erosion protection techniques can vary from low energy solutions to high energy capacity revetments.

Slope Reinforcement

Slope reinforcement can be a solution we provide for unstable soils or ground on a declining slope that is starting to show signs of failure.

We can offer cost-effective slope reinforcement solutions on steep, shallow or soil nailed slopes with our years of expertise in the area.

Maccaferri Construction

With our skilled team of specialists, Maccaferri construction provides professional and reliable design and construction solutions for a broad selection of industry sectors.

Maccaferri construction has an extensive client list with unmatched installation packages from inception to completion.

Basal Platforms

Basal platforms are essential to reinforce unstable grounds when constructing. We can construct basal platforms to control this potential problem and adopt a professional and appropriate design methodology to achieve the optimum solution.

Wirand Steel Fibres

Here at Maccaferri, we have been manufacturing Wirand steel fibres for over 25 years for various specialist applications. Coming with an abundance of benefits, we are proud to have a new range of Wirand steel fibres in the UK.

Pavement Reinforcement

We believe pavement reinforcement is an essential part of road construction improvement. Maccaferri offers various pavement reinforcement options tailored for your specific site conditions to suit all ground types.

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