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We are an international industrial manufacturer of top quality precision coated films and blended liquids, with over 140 years' worth of research and experience.

MacDermid Autoype Ltd are suppliers of a range of precision coated film products including membrane touch switches products, screen printing equipment, products for Film Insert Moulding (IMD) and films for graphic display.

Our products can be used in a range of industries including printing, automotive and electronics. 

Film Insert Moulding

The design and manufacture of durable plastic parts requires a cost effective process which is also versatile. MacDermid Autotype's Film Insert Moulding can offer both of these.

The integration of components including lenses and bodies into a single unit becomes easy with the use of Film Insert Moulding.

Industrial Film Systems

Our industrial film system product range was initially utilised by applications that used membrane touch switches. Now our wide range of products includes a number of polyester and polycarbonate films as well as varnishes for windowing and texturing.

Screen printing is the primary use for industrial film systems but they also respond when used with UV cured ink jet presses.

Graphic Arts

We produce specialist films specifically for use within the graphic arts industry. These include both hand-drawn print films as well as masking films.

Our graphic arts products include:

  • Automask

Pre-Press Polyester Films

MacDermid supply a wide range of pre-press polyester films, which offer the perfect solution for short to medium runs as positive and negative plates that are imaged through laser printers, ink-jet and even photocopiers.

The pre-press polyester films are highly versatile, making them the ideal solution for the production of business forms, labels, greeting cards and similar printed material.

Screen Films

Indirect films are both the fastest and the easiest way to produce a high quality stencil for use with short run screen printing. MacDermid's screen film range includes these as well as knife cut films which are one of the fastest ways to produce simple stencils for screen printing. We also supply aleading range of capillary films, Capillex, which is so widely used that the name Capillex has almost become the generic term for capillary films.

Autotype Capillex screen films are especially easy to use as the factory controlled coating provides the ultimate stencil profile. Wide processing latitude, consistency and durability produce high quality prints on every run.

Industrial Display Solutions

The MacDermid range of industrial display solutions includes:

  • SIGMAGraF; durable, hardcoated polyester film that has excellent resistance to cleaning chemicals, impact and abrasion.
  • SIGMAGraF SHIELD; gives films and graphics an industrial performas for a range of uses.
  • FootPrint; a two part graphics system for floors. 

For more information about industrial display solutions please contact us.

Screen Emulsions

MacDermid Autotype has been manufacturing screen emulsions for over 140 years and have produced a world leading range of photo-stencil emulsions including:

  • PLUS Emulsions: made to the highest tolerances through the most up-to-date production methods.
  • Autosol Emulsions: specially formulated for use on the Asian markets.

For more information on screen emulsions please contact us.

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