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Maceplast are the leading suppliers of PTFE products in the UK and part of a network of companies owned by Guarniflon Spa (leading manufacturers of PTFE in Europe).

Our product range is extensive and includes, finished and semi finished products in virgin PTFE and filled grades (glass, carbon, bronze, MoS2, graphite etc.), extruded/moulded rod and tube, sheets (standard, etched and dimpled), tapes, films, slide bearings, rotary seals, flexible tubing, expanded jointing, MFA, PFA, FEP, Calfilm Series, SC grades, Teksealing, Tekslide, machined components (washers, spiral backup rings, O rings, bushes, seals etc).

Today, Maceplast are the UK`s largest supplier of such products and services into their relative markets, spanning the whole spectrum of industry.


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Industrial

Offering an extensive range of standard and bespoke PTFE products in accordance with market demands.


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PTFE Tubes and Rods

An extensive range of sizes are available to satisfy customers’ requirements for both moulded and extruded products. In addition to virgin PTFE tubes and rods, standard or special compound products are also available.

According to customers’ needs, Guarniflon can suggest the most suitable solutions concerning available technologies, materials and dimensions.

In order to grant a fast and efficient service to its customers, Guarniflon stocks a wide range of moulded and extruded tubes and rods, in virgin PTFE as well as compounded.

PTFE Tubes and Rods

PTFE Sheets

Technologies available at Guarniflon provide options among a wide range of moulded or skived sheets, in virgin PTFE as well as compounded PTFE.

According to customers’ needs, Guarniflon can suggest the most suitable solutions concerning available technologies, materials and dimensions.

In order to grant a fast and efficient service to its customers, Guarniflon stocks a wide range of moulded and extruded sheets, in different thickness and dimensions.

PTFE Sheets

PTFE Skived Tapes

If you need to skive very thin thickness and/or special compound, only the most updated technologies, the most selected raw materials and a skilful know-how can grant excellent and stable quality.

Guarniflon have all of the above capabilities and presently able to offer very high quality products starting from the thickness of 0,025 mm. Some of Guarnifl on tapes applications are for the aerospace or electronics, a technological reference for quality and reliability.

Guarniflon tapes are available in virgin PTFE or filled by bronze, carbon, glass fiber and other special materials, able to cover a very wide range of different industrial applications.

PTFE Skived Tapes

PTFE Bearing Tapes

For the heaviest applications in the hydraulic field, motion control and mechanical field, Guarniflon developed a new family of products, made by special PTFE compounds and devoted technologies, in order to fulfil Guarniflon on customers requirements.

Compounded PTFE materials with bronze, carbon, graphite or other fillers are designed to enhance properties such as:

  • wear resistance
  • coefficient of friction
  • compression strength
PTFE Bearing Tapes

Dimpled Sheets and Discs

Virgin PTFE or compounded PTFE dimpled sheets.

Thanks to the special surface, the above dimpled sheets are generally used in the engineering and construction field.

Dimpled sheets are the perfect solution to thermal expansion and load problems usually connected with structural elements.
Due to their special and heavy applications, not only the process technology is certified by Guarniflon, but also the type of raw materials used.

Dimpled Sheets and Discs

Calfilm Series

PTFE skived films calendered and/or ultra flat, available with adhesive coating or etched surfaces. CALFILM Series is grouping 4 different types of products:

  • GF High modulus and pressure sensitive tape
  • GFI Ultra flat film
  • GF COMPOUND High Performance tape
  • PSA Pressure sensitive adhesive tape

Some applications:

Using on cylinders and to protect sensitive components against high temperatures up to 280ï½°C.

The application of PTFE film on sliding surfaces shell allow to create antifriction surfaces, for a very smooth motion.

Water and oil proof, Guarniflon tapes can tolerate most chemical agents, except for organic solvents that can attack the tape adhesive coating.

Guarnifl on tapes help to avoid the deposit of textile debris, inks, glues, pasty elements, preserving the machines from possible damages.

Assembling of PCB (Printed Circuit Board), solar panels, LCD/TFT monitors, electrical cables.

Main applications from food to mechanical industries, from electronic to aerospace industries, from textile to paper mill industries. 

Calfilm Series


Beside the wide range of existing PTFE products, GUARNIFLON developed the TEKSLIDE products, PTFE compounded grades used in the processing of tapes, bearing tapes and machined parts retaining the usual and well known conventional PTFE advantages improved at the same time by some enhanced properties.

  • low coefficient of friction
  • high resistance and hardness
  • low cold flow
  • extreme temperature applications
  • very high pressure resistance

Please visit our website to learn more about Tekslide.



Special rings for all hydraulic applications where the PTFE compounds are able to grant high wear resistance, low friction even without lubrication, perfect sealing at low, medium and high pressures.

Not only virgin PTFE, but mainly compounds with bronze, carbon glass fiber.

Please visit our website for more information.


Etching Technology

The etching process consists of a chemical surface treatment on virgin or filled PTFE. It allows PTFE to be glued on to surfaces of various materials such as rubber, metal, plastics, etc. Some of the most common applications are for the tank lining where chemical agents must be stored, machine tool sliding surfaces, coupling with other materials for finished parts, etc.

Guarniflon owns the most updated technologies devoted to the etching process on semi-finished (sheets, tapes, tubes, bars) and finished PTFE products, virgin or compounded. The etching process of Guarniflon is capable of providing uniformly reactive surfaces.

Etching Technology


Tenfil is a solvent – free paste, in a watery leakage, to be pre-applied on the threads for a better sealing. It is available for 3 specific applications (water-gas-air) and supplied in special small containers.

Main characteristics:

  • - excellent resistance to the major part of solvents
  • - not flammable
  • - non toxic
  • - easy application

High Performance Films & Tapes

High Performance Films from Guarniflon are skived and melt extruded fluoropolymer films engineered by Guarniflon Spa R&D Department to allow the customers to select the right film for their application requirements. A wide range of grades including PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE, PVDF, THV, to match right combination of physical chemical performances in a variety of key market segments including composite molding for the automotive and aerospace industries, chemical processing, electrical/electronics, renewable energies and marine.

High Performance Films & Tapes

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