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 Macher was established in 1998 as the exclusive distributor for FOXBORO (for the UK South),  and more recently AMETEK, M-SYSTEM and EUROTHERM products. Since its inception, Macher has grown to include an array of instrumentation products from leading manufacturers and suppliers. Macher Distribution are delighted to announce their appointment as distributor for EUROTHERM products from May 2011

Macher's strength is our team of talented customer focussed  technical engineers who action your enquiries by phone, email and fax and assist you with your instrumentation questions and problems. Macher maintains a stock of some products and ships most orders the same day the order is received.   Products by Category: Actuators
Transmitters Electronic
Transmitters Pneumatic
Alarm Annunciators
Test & Measurement
Flowmeters   Products by Manufacturer:     Invensys - Foxboro, Eckardt, Eurotherm
  AMETEK - Panalarm, Rochester Instrument Systems, Scientific Columbus, Ametek Power Instruments, Pulsar   AMETEK Calibration, JOFRA

Invensys (Foxboro, Eckardt) Measurement and Instrumentation Partner - Distributor for UK South

Invensys for more than 40 years, has supplied robust, accurate, high quality liquid analytical instrumentation to a wide range of industries, including chemicals, food and beverage, pulp and paper, metals, semiconductor, power generation, water and waste, and many others. Products in the range manufactured by Foxboro and Eckardt include: 

  • Process Measurement transmitters- pressure, temperature and humidity, differential pressure, flow, liquid level, liquid density, liguid level interface with HART, Analog and Fieldbus signals
  • Flow transmitters - Vortex, Coriolis, Mag Flow, d/p, Orifice Plates, Integral Orifice,
  • Electrochem analytical, pH, ORP, Conductivity
  • Valve Positioners, position transmitters,  limit switches, I/P transducer, pneumatic positioners
  • Large Case Process recorders (circular chart) and indicators
  • Digital Single loop controllers, recorders and indicators

We are most proud of our best-in-class application and technical support. Our application specialists have decades of experience dealing with product and application inquiries, and we are proud of our fast response to customer enquiries.

We look forward to our next challenge, hopefully overcoming yours!

Invensys (Foxboro, Eckardt) Measurement and Instrumentation Partner  - Distributor for UK South

AMETEK - Power and Process Instrumentation - UK & Ireland

  • Fault Recorders Products - Circuit Breaker Testers
  • Power Transducers, Annunciators, Power Quality Products
  • Alarm Management - Sequence of Events (SER)
  • Thermocouple and Cable Assemblies - Flame Sensors
  • Nuclear Pressure Transmitters & Mud Density Transmitter
  • UPLC Universal Power-Line Carrier (Narrow Band)
AMETEK - Power and Process Instrumentation - UK & Ireland

Eurotherm (Invensys)

In 2011 Macher became an authorised distributor for Eurotherm products including their complete range of recorders and controller  products for Industrial Automation - Temperature Control, Power Control, Data Recording.   This complements our existing partnership with Invensys for Foxboro/Eckardt process automation measurement and instrumentation products, enabling us to provide a complete control/recording loop solution for your process applications


Eurotherm (Invensys)

M-System Co - Signal Conditioning and Remote IO

  • Four Wire Signal Conditioners- versatile and adaptable to standard and nonstandard field input/output signals 
  • Two Wire Signal Conditioners - high perfornamce transmitters in a choice of housing styles
  • Power Transducers - measuring most electyrical parameters
  • Bar Graph Indicators - direct retrofittable replacement with bright clear and colourful easy to read displays 
  • Limit Alarms/Trip Amps
  • Gateway and Remote IO - communicating directly to the PLC, DCS or HMI
  • PC Recorder - Log Trend Analyse and Profile Process Signals with your PC
  • Electronic Actuators - high resolution positiong
  • Position sensors
  • Lightning Surge Protectors - protecting sensor, signal, power and communication lines
M-System Co  - Signal Conditioning and Remote IO

Ametek Test & Calibration

AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and developers of calibration instruments for temperature, pressure and process signals as well as for temperature sensors both from a commercial and a technological point of view.

Temperature and Pressure calibration equipment

Dry Block Calibrators

Jofra RTC Series

Pressure Calibrators

Ametek Test & Calibration
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