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We provide high quality machine covers and machine tool protection to the industry. We have developed an extensive range of machine covers to protect today's complete range of CNC machinery. Our machine covers are designed to protect your machinery, reduce costs, improve efficiency and ensure safety. We use over 50 different materials to manufacture flexible covers suitable for almost any environment for existing and new machinery.

Machine Safety

Here at Machine Covers, we specialise in machine safety to meet frequent changes in Health and Safety standards and regulations.

We pride ourselves in providing up to date machine safety solutions and produce high-quality products to deliver long-term cost benefits and enhance the operational life span of your machines.

Machine Tool Guards

We manufacture machine tool guards / concertina / bellows to suit almost any profile. We cut every vee or gusset to the finished design to ensure  machine tool guards retain their profile and integrity, no matter how harsh the environment. We fit stainless steel louvers to protect covers from hot swarf or weld splatter. Our concertina covers are suitable when a steel telescopic cover cannot be fitted due to a lack of clearance.

Steel Telescopic Covers

Machine Covers Ltd in Stroud would like to give a brief description on steel telescopic covers

Steel telescopic covers are designed to prevent accidental damage from heavy machine components and automatic tool changer malfunction. They are typically used horizontally or vertically to protect machine ways with a heavy or high-temperature swarf load.

We make our steel telescopic covers to your exact requirements. They can be designed and manufactured new or produced from an existing set of covers. Here at Machine Covers, we also specialise in the refurbishment of damaged covers. By repairing or replacing individual sections or components, we can provide you with a fast and cost-effective solution.

Machinery Guarding

Machinery Guarding is our speciality, from concertinas and bellows designs incorporating a range of fabrics depending on your application to armoured steel covers in a range of designs.

For Your Machinery Guarding applications contact our team of experts in health and safety and discuss your need.


Bellows are typically used to protect

  • Actuating or drive shafts, 
  • Ball screws,
  • Cylinder rods.

On hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder rods Bellows are often for protection from contaminate ingression, preventing the rod from scoring and extending the seal life of the cylinder. Controlling fine or airborne ingression is particularly important on hydraulic cylinders, as it helps to maintain system fluid cleanliness and extend filter element life.

Our bellows are typically

  • Circular  
  • Oval,
  • Square
  • Rectangular

All to match your particular requirement or available space. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally and fixed in a variety of ways including end collar, end flange – round or square, collar with a flange or blank end plates. Sewn bellows can be split when it is not possible to dismantle equipment. Please contact with your requirements.

Machine Tool Protection

Machine Tool Protection mainly comes in range of formats 

  • Concertina covers
  • Bellows

which will provide the safest and most effective way of protecting machine slideways, cylinder rods and screws. There are no sliding joints to wear out or moving metal parts to cause damage. If damage to the cover occurs, it can immediately be seen and repaired. Our design allows for the replacement of individual sections. With experience working across a wide range of industries, we are able to fully understand your individual requirements. Experience our personal and flexible approach to achieve your exact objectives to your Machine Tool Protection needs.

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