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Macpac Ltd is a leading UK thermoformed packaging manufacturer. They have been thermoforming plastic, also known as vacuum formed packaging, blister packaging and pressure formed packaging for over 40 years.

The Stockport based company supplies everything from bespoke packs to semi-bespoke Eurocel clamshell packs and their off the shelf stock packaging range BlisterKing. In addition Macpac also manufacture thermoformed trays for a wide range of industries that include: Food, bakery and confectionary; DIY, cosmetics, medical/pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive, manufacturing and retail

Macpac offer a complete turnkey service from original pack design to final manufacture. This includes 3D visualisation that can even incorporate your product so you can see how it will look at the point of sale before it’s even made. Prototyping and all tooling are manufactured to the highest standards and production of final packs is completed on modern high-speed Illig pressure forming machinery.

Bespoke Packaging


We design bespoke packaging to precisely fit your product and ensure that it looks at its best at the point of display adding real value. Eye catching design including any printed insert cards will make your product stand out from the crowd. Our in-house tooling facility keeps costs as low as possible whilst maintaining high quality and quick turnaround.

The bespoke service is available for heat sealed blister packs, slide blister packs, trapped blister packs, clamshell blister packs and display and transit trays.

I addition Macpac also supply bespoke packs for the Tricel clamshell design that can either free stand or hang from a euroslot; Boxed set trays – gift boxes with acetate windows and a product tray; die cut packaging – clear presentation boxes and shelf display trays – perfect for point of sale to hold multiple products in the minimum of space.

Clam Shell Packaging


These packs are designed to provide an excellent fit for your product. They can be totally bespoke or semi-bespoke utilising the Macpac Eurocel concept. This is a clever way to reduce the tooling costs of a truly bespoke pack by utilising a broad range of standard plinth profiles that already exist. An add-on tool is then produced to fit your product. Insert cards can also be designed and printed to complete the job.

The Tricel clamshell is a variation on the theme of clamshell packs and is designed so that it can be hung from a euroslot or free-stand at the point of sale.

All clamshell packs offer good product security with the stud fix closure system and can be HF welded or Ultrasonically sealed to provide the ultimate in anti pilfer packaging.

Blister Packaging


In addition to bespoke and semi bespoke packs Macpac also supply probably the largest range of standard pack shapes from stock tooling anywhere in the UK. These packs are marketed under Macpac’s registered trademark name of BlisterKing. There are over 110 shapes and sizes to choose from. A really neat pack source tool on the website enables you to identify the best size to fit your product  

Thermoformed Trays

Our thermoformed trays provide secure packaging for many different products from heavy duty automotive parts to delicate medical equipment.

Macpac thermoformed trays can be engraved with ID codes or printed using our special print registration system which is ideal for batch control.

Thermoformed trays are ideal for awkward products and are self stacking and are usually used to transport items between factories and the end user.

Heat Sealed Blister Packs

Our heat sealed blister packs are tailored made to your individual needs and requirements.

You can choose also from our extensive range of heat sealed blister packs that we hold in stock. Our heat sealed blister packs are sealed to a coated card base which is ideal to brand and can have a Euroslot for self hanging.

Heat sealed blister packs are available in a range of sizes so please visit our website for a full breakdown.

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