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Macrete, as a leading precast concrete manufacturer, supply many of the main civil engineering contractors in the UK. With a committed team and modern facilities Macrete possesses the necessary skills to generate high performance on all contracts regardless of their size.

Macrete offer design and supply of specialised structures. Whatever the size, shape or weight of a product you can be assured that precision, versatility and structural integrity is always sustained.

Macrete embrace working closely with clients so that their satisfaction is foremost, we seek to offer the most effective and economic solutions to even the most testing situations.

A major proportion of Macrete’s manufacturer work involves bespoke items, these are customised exactly to client requirements and our expert design team will assist at any stage if needed.

Concrete Slurry Stores

The Macrete Ireland Ltd Slurry Store is a proven system licensed from Abetong in Sweden. More than 20,000 of these systems have been erected worldwide including over 300 erected by Macrete in Northern Ireland alone in the last 2 years. The tank is designed in full accordance with BS 5502 Part 2 and BS EN 1992.

The simplicity of the system means very fast construction and short times on site. It typically takes 1 or 2 days to erect the panels on a pre-prepared base.

Concrete has the longest life span of any construction material used in slurry storage. Some manufacturers measure the life of their product in years – we measure ours in generations.

Concrete Slurry Stores

FlexiArch Bridge System

The FlexiArch Bridge System is a revolutionary patented arch bridge system based on modern precast concrete methods whilst performing like a traditional masonry arch bridge.

The FlexiArch Bridge System can be used for any kind of new crossing or highway bridge replacement for up to 15 metre spans – a skewed option and a double radius option are currently in development.

FlexiArch Bridge System
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