Mactenn Systems Ltd


Mactenn Systems Ltd specialise in high quality, low-velocity, dense phase pneumatic conveying systems. Their pneumatic conveying systems are used worldwide in a diverse range of industries and are used to transport a whole host of dry bulk materials.

Mactenn Systems Ltd's high quality range of pneumatic conveyors includes:

  • Maxflo
  • MultiAshflo
  • Cementveyor
  • MiniMaxflo
  • Macpump and many more

Shot Blasting

Macteen has developed a unique recovery system to make shot blasting more economical and efficient. Their system is deigned for less-loss recovery of the shot blast materials.

Their shot blasting technology is low velocity and uses dense phase conveying to avoid wear on the blast media.

Shot Blasting

Ash Conveying

Mactenn Systems Ltd has years of experience working with all different types of ash and dust. This allows them to advise their customers on the best ash conveying equipment for their application.

Their ash conveying systems require low maintenance and are extremely versatile. Their systems provide dust free operation and can be used for conveying ash at high temperatures.

Ash Conveying

Cement Conveying

Mactenn Systems Ltd's cement conveying systems do not require powerful electric motors or large air supply compressors like traditional screw conveyors.

Their cement conveying systems are more compact than traditional models. This means retrofitting their cement conveyors to out-dated conventional machinery is easy and extremely economical.

Cement Conveying

Smelter Dust Conveying

Mactenn Systems Ltd has a range of smelter dust conveying systems. Their systems are not hindered by the larger bulk densities found in smelter dust.

Their smelter dust conveying systems are hard wearing and durable as smelter dust can be abrasive and cause wear on the pipes.

Mactenn Systems Ltd has a wide selection of smelter dust conveying systems, allowing their customers to find the perfect model for their application.

Smelter Dust Conveying
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