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Flexible IT Support in Thanet, Kent and Beyond

We provide IT support and computer consultancy services to small businesses, SME, charities and home users in Thanet, Kent and beyond.  Based in Broadstairs, Kent, we have over 20 years’ experience in support for, and support within small business.  Our experience isn't limited to just support of other companies, where the next day we would be working on another problem; instead we have real world experience of working within businesses providing direct, continued support and all IT services.  In this way we know how much computer systems and excellent IT support matters to your business.

We aim to prevent recurring problems, and will recommend ways to improve your computer systems and prevent problems from happening.  We will recommend hardware and software that we know from experience is reliable, and help you to keep it all updated.

We can help with IT support to users with single laptops or PCs, as well as small businesses with servers, networks, multiple sites and remote workers.  We have experience with Microsoft Server platforms, including Microsoft Small Business Server, Exchange Server, Terminal/Remote Desktop Server and more.

Monthly Contracts Are Not Necessary

We allow you to consider moving away from expensive monthly contracts where you just seem to pay to fix problems and not to help your company.  However we are still happy to talk to clients who wish to follow this route instead of the pay as you go option.

Computer Support Options

We use remote control software like many other computer support companies do.  We can use this to look at the problems your users have and to control your PCs.  We can also use this to log in to your servers when we need to make changes, and this also allows us to carry out maintenance and upgrades out of your normal working hours.  However we also are aware that an on-site computer support service is important in any on-going relationship.

We believe we can make a real difference to your business by providing first class IT support and friendly customer service.  We also take pride in improving your systems to prevent failures in the future.

For IT Support in Broadstairs, Thanet, Kent or beyond, contact Magic IT Services.

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