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Since developing our first Vernier calipers 1868, we have accumulated over 150 years’ of metrological expertise, producing the world’s first digital indicator and microprocessor controlled roughness measuring instrument. We now hold over 10,000 different products and continue to drive the leading edge of innovation in modern metrology.



Producing quality handtools products, with a right-first-time approach, is key to successful manufacturing. Precise measurement at the testing stage saves on costly development time and reliable, repeatable measurement during manufacturing ensures quality standards are met.

Whatever the measurement need, We have a measuring tool to meet that requirement.

Our range of small measuring equipment is expertly crafted from quality materials and is built to last, even in the toughest workshop conditions, delivering real value for money.


Precision Measuring Equipment

MAHR: - Exactly

For over 150 years we have been leading the way in innovation within the systems measuring equipment field.

Whether it be calipers for day to day workshop checks or high end laser measurement calibration technology, we put the same level of care and expertise into each of our products. No matter the task there is a Mahr measuring device to help.

Precision Measuring Equipment

Calibration Service, Repairs and Training

Becuase MAHR are about more than just great products!

Mahr services does not just supply great metrology products. To ensure our customers get the most out of their Mahr systems we provide a whole range of auxiliary services from product set-up and training through to repair and exchange. We are there for the whole life cycle of each device ensuring that your Mahr measuring system continues to work well and provides the precise measurements that you have come to expect.

Calibration Service, Repairs and Training

Pre-sales – Support sales people and customers, technical questions, product demonstrations and application support

Post-sales – Product installation, product calibration, further (future) application support, ongoing repair services (in-house, on-site), calibration services, maintenance services, product upgrades, training, software upgrades, remote diagnostics and telephone support