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MEMFast (Make Ends Meet Limited) is a specialist supplier of sheet metal fasteners, plastics, GRP and composite materials, supplying both distributors and end users in the UK, Europe, USA and Australasia. With over 25 years’ experience in the industrial fastener market, we are able to offer a combination of technical expertise, high quality ISO 9001 fasteners, excellent service levels and highly competitive prices, a package which has seen the company experience continuous growth.

Our core product range consists of:

  • Rivet Nuts and Studs in all materials from M3 to M16.
  • Rubber Nuts in EPDM from M3 to M12.
  • “MEMSert” Threaded Inserts, Standard and Self Tapping, from M4 to M18 internal thread.
  • Screw Anchors from M4 to M6 providing a grip range up to 10mm.
  • Nylon Nuts with aluminium inserts from M3 to M8.
  • Plastic Rivets.
  • Turned parts and special fasteners to customers’ drawings.
  • Hand and Power tools for the above fasteners including our own unique Rivet Nut & Stud Hand Tool which carries a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Although our activities have been primarily focused on the business market, we have successfully developed our retail business through our website and eBay. In both areas, repeat business is high, even in the current difficult economic climate, due to our service levels, competitive pricing and quality products.

Investment continues - watch this space for our own patented, high quality hand tool to install M4 to M10 rivet nuts in all materials including stainless steel.

Rivet Installation Tools

MEMFAST offer a range of hand tools for the installation of rivet nuts & studs, screw anchors and plastic rivets.

Rivet Installation Tools

Plastic Rivets

MEMFAST Plastic Rivets are made from POM (polyoxymethalene), a material with excellent rigidity, high impact toughness and excellent resistance to abrasion, creep and solvents.

Plastic Rivets

Threaded Inserts

Ideal for producing & repairing metric coarse threads in a wide range of materials & components, typically:-

Vehicle sump plugs
Gearbox Plugs
Commercial vehicle repairs
General thread repairs on engines, machinery, plant etc
Producing threads on injection moulded components

All of our threaded inserts have a CR3 clear plating which is RoHS compliant - this is now the preferred finish across all industries as there is no chromium content as is the case with zinc and yellow finish.

Threaded Inserts
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