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Freshly whipped soft ice cream not only outsells wrapped and scooped - it’s UP TO 3 TIMES MORE PROFITABLE! and draws more people into your store!

We use Soft ice cream machines to make the product.

  • High over-run beater increases profitability.
  • Super quiet operation.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Easily switch between ice cream and yoghurt mode.
  • Refridgerated tank eliminates the need for daily cleaning.
  • Low level mix light.
  • Energy efficient, low running costs.
  • Compact size: 15.8" wide, 24" deep and 25" high.
  • All stainless steel cabinet for durability and easy cleaning.
  • Larger barrel gives more consecutive cones to serve customers faster.
  • Touch panel allows the operator to control the consistency of the ice cream.

Hard ice cream machines

Make Your Own Ice Cream the Easy Way!

batch freezers

batch Freezers are designed to produce premium quality ice cream or fruit sorbets – easily.

Hard ice cream machines

  • Operation is simple, quick and automatic, assuring great results for beginners and experts alike.
  • Unique freezing cylinder and beater design provides faster production and a smoother product.
  • Make your own mix, using our pasteurizing machines or your own method, to create truly individual ice cream, real artisan gelato.
  • Easy to clean and hygienic. All the components have been designed to guarantee the highest possible standards of hygiene, safety and easy cleaning.

We can help with recipes and training. Making your own is also the most cost-effective way to serve gourmet ice cream.  Choose a size to suit your business.

Our machines range in output from:

We also supply cream whipping machines that cut the cost of whipped cream by over 40%!

Hard ice cream machines


Increase soft ice cream sales and profits!

Fling blends tasty chocolate chips, honeycomb and candies etc. into delicious soft ice cream to make a mouth-watering treat for your customers to enjoy all year round. Adds value to your soft ice cream and builds repeat sales. With a fling systems you can easily offer cones, tubs, a selection of desserts and real ice cream milkshakes.

  • Easy to use system includes special blender, candy dispensers, Fling station, cups, spoons and full point of sale literature.

Slush Machines

Add fizz and watch your profits grow!

Now for the first time you can dispense Fizzy Slush made from best-selling, brand name drinks such as Coca Cola, Tango, Fanta, Dr Pepper etc.  Makes drinks for 10p that sell for 75p - £1-00!!

How does it work? Simply pour any carbonated drink into the Fizzy Slush machines, close the lid and the machine will freeze it into Fizzy Slush while retaining the fizz in the drink! The sealed tanks are connected to a CO² gas bottle. This locks in the fizz. Using carbonated drinks like this means there is no syrup to buy. This reduces your costs dramatically and makes drinks for much less than so-called “free on loan” machines. With no syrup to buy, you get to keep all of the profits.

Simply fill the tanks with our cocktail syrups, add the spirit of your choice and the machine freezes it down to a fantastic Fizzy frozen cocktail. Ideal for pubs and clubs the Fizzy Slush Machines adds excitement and profit. The combination of Malibu's revolutionary new Fizzy Slush machine and our exciting new range of cocktail bases, means that, for the first time ever, you can serve Fizzy Frozen Cocktails. Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Strawberry Daiquiri, etc. will set your sales - and profits rising.

Two and three tank machines available and all have an illuminated top cover. The machines can be easily branded with your own designs or corporate logos.

Slush Machines

Ventless Fryers

Sell Profitable Hot Snacks - No kitchen or Extraction needed!

The Perfect Fry Ventless Fryer is a compact, self contained unit which allows you to sell fried snack food where otherwise it may not have been possible due to the need for ventilation and extraction canopies. It will give you the benefit of having a hot food profit-centre - anywhere. Now you can cook chicken nuggets, scampi, mushrooms, chips and lots of other high profit, fried snack food, quickly and easily. Ideal for convenience stores, kiosks, bars etc.

You only require 17 x 16 inches of counter space and no extraction canopy.

  • Easy to Use - Programmable controls. Simply place the basket of food on the rack, close the door and press the button. When the food is cooked the basket will lift out of the oil to drain, just remove and serve. The 7201 model loads and dispenses automatically. The 3000 model plugs into a standard 13amp socket and cooks 22 lbs per hour from frozen.
  • Staff Training - We provide full staff training.
  • No Waste - Cooks from frozen.
  • Clean, with No Smells - Smells and grease laden air are trapped in the patented Air Filtration System. Filters are proven to be 100 times more effective at odour control than competitive units.
  • Fast - High output model 7201 cooks 60 lbs/hour. Chips cooked in 2 minutes. 45lb and 22lb/hour models also available.
  • Eliminate the guess work - by programming the cook times for up to nine products into the preset menu.
  • Built-in food warmer - saves money on accessories.
Ventless Fryers

Miraclean Chrome Griddles

Save 32% on Energy! and 50% on Labour!

Miraclean Chrome Griddles have a patented chrome plated surface which locks in heat and will only release on contact. Never any carbon build up, therefore, there is always a clean surface to cook on :

  • No cross flavouring.
  • Less sticking.
  • No blue smoke.
  • No black particles on food.
  • Reduces shrinkage in size and weight.
  • Cooks faster.
  • Cleaning is easy, no bricking or heavy scraping is necessary - use only cold water, saving time and money, cleans 44% faster than conventional steel griddles.
  • Reduces radiant (waste) heat by 90%, which makes it more comfortable to use.

There are 22 different sizes available in both gas and electric - also available with Clam cooking heads to cook both sides at once.

Also available are Teppanyaki Griddles, built to order - Ideal for show cooking.

Miraclean Chrome Griddles

Wittco Drawer Warmers

Hold food hot, without drying out!

Ensure meals arrive at the table in perfect condition with Wittco drawer warmers.

Each drawer has a separate compartment, thermostat and humidity control, to ensure food is held just how you want it. A unique Lifetime Warranty on heating elements and drawer runners saves £££s on the cost of ownership. Did you know that it costs over £600-00 to replace the element in other cabinets!

  • Wittco reliability reduces maintenance costs and down time.
  • Maximum energy efficient cabinet design.
  • Each drawer is in its own separate compartment – so, unlike other units, when one drawer is open, the temperature in the other drawers is not affected.
  • Elements are mounted in the cabinet interior, not in the wall, providing faster preheat and recovery.
  • Various sizes, 1, 2 and 3 drawer units available. We also have specials that match the size of other brands, for easy replacement of existing units.
Wittco Drawer Warmers

Wittco Cabinets

Everything you need to hold food hot - without drying it out!

Even the best prepared meals can be spoiled by arriving at the table either lukewarm or dried out!

You can ensure meals arrive at the table in peak condition when you use Wittco holding cabinets and Banquet Carts.

 The main benefits of Wittco cabinets are:

  • Precise temperature control.
  • Energy efficient cabinet design places the elements in the interior not in the walls for faster preheat and recovery times and lower running costs.
  • Fully insulated for maximum heat retention.
  • Unique lifetime warranty on heating elements. Never have to pay for an element again!
  • Replaceable gasket seals are mounted on the cabinet, not the door, to extend their life.
  • Internal, removable humidifier trays.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Choose a size to suit your business, from our range of over 20 models.
  • Banquet cart models to hold 72, 90, 96 and 150 covered plates.
Wittco Cabinets

Cook and Hold ovens

These versatile, energy-efficient ovens cook, roast, retherm or bake a wide variety of products slowly, at low temperatures, so foods retain more of their natural flavour, nutrients and moistness.

Shrinkage is minimized, resulting in higher yields per joint. After cooking, the oven switches automatically to a pre-selected temperature for holding food until you're ready to serve.

 Wittco Cook and Hold oven benefits:

  • Gentle air circulation naturally carmelises meats and provides even heat distribution for consistent doneness, minimizes condensation, helps food stay moist and look appealing.
  • Low temperature holding tenderises beef.
  • No ventilation required in most areas.
  • Removable control module makes cleaning and servicing easier.
  • Welded tubular steel inner frame maximizes durability.
  • Heavy-duty insulation for greater energy efficiency.
  • Heavy-duty castors for greater maneuverability.
  • Polished stainless steel construction makes clean-up easy, inside and out.
  •  Unique lifetime warranty on all elements. Did you know that it costs over £1200-00 to replace the elements on other cook and hold ovens!
Cook and Hold ovens

Instant Recovery Fryers

Serve More Customers Faster!
The most important feature of any fryer is the recovery time.

Keating’s Instant Recovery means that every Keating fryer recovers it’s temperature within seconds of the end of the cooking cycle. The patented system of high input burners / elements and heat transfer surfaces ensure that you won’t have to wait for the fryer to recover. This allows non-stop cooking with no waiting between batches, which means your customers get served faster!

  • Economical - the Cold Zone reduces oil breakdown and extends oil life. 27% of the oil in a Keating fryer is in the Cold Zone. This oil does not get heated. Food particles falling to the bottom of the frypot do not carbonize or blacken. This reduces the transfer of flavour from the food particles to the oil, extending oil life and giving better tasting food. Uses 24% less oil but cooks as much as larger fryers due to the special frypot design.
  • Better tasting fried food quickly - making your catering operations more efficient.
  • Built to last - Polished, stainless steel frypots are standard on all Keating fryers and their rugged construction is designed to give many years of trouble-free service. The highly polished frypot reduces carbonization. . This helps to extend the life of the oil and also makes for easier cleaning.
  • Ten Year Warranty - on 14" frypots, pro-rated.
  • Easy to clean – drawn stainless steel frypots with seamless rounded corners reduce cleaning up time. High Output - up to 360 portions per hour from one 14" fryer.
  • Over 200 mHigh Output - up to 360 portions per hour from one 14" fryer.

Model variations in gas or electric. Sizes from 10”x 11” to large 34” x 24” units. Options include Automatic basket lifts, timers, cooking computers, built-in oil filtration systems, castors and security packages.Keating fryers are designed and built to give the output and reliability you need and to save oil at the same time.
Now you can put an end to soggy chips forever!  

Instant Recovery Fryers


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