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Marden Edwards Limited, formed in 1961, is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of wrapping and packaging machines equipment. Thousands of overwrapping systems have been manufactured in our factories in the UK and Germany and installed into over 150 countries worldwide.

Products and Services

A complete range of overwrapping machines and packaging equipment is available covering a wide range of product sizes and production speeds. Our equipment is supported by a worldwide network of trade partners ensuring that expertise and service support is always available locally.

Marden Edwards Limited offers a complete portfolio and bespoke overwrapping machinery, ranging from low cost entry level systems to high speed fully integrated turnkey solutions. Marden Edwards also supplies a complete range of shrinkwrapping machines via Wraps UK.

Our products and services include the following

Overwrapping Machines

  • Wide range of pack capabilities
  • Low capital outlay
  • High speed up to 300 wraps per minutes
  • Customised specifications
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast and simple size changeover
  • Base seal or trailing edge seal
  • Mechanical or servo operation
  • Collating and multipacking
  • Transparent or printed film
  • Tear tape or perforation opening
  • Heat, cold glue or hot melt sealing

Speedy Size Changeover

Although all machines can changeover from running one size to running the next in under 30 minutes, the servo motor actuated machines in the Marden Edwards range can change size in under 5 minutes. A changeover time of 15 minutes is typical for most applications.

The position of the lateral seal of the overwrap is extremely important. It is sometimes required that the lateral seal appears on the trailing edge of the carton. Marden Edwards have machines in the range dedicated to this style of presentation and others where the seal is positioned on the base of the product. How far from the edge of the pack the seal is placed is also of importance and this can be adjusted on Marden Edwards machinery.

For multi pack wrapping the product collating and handling systems can often be as important as the overwrapper itself. Marden Edwards have developed collating systems that can accept as many as 750 cartons or 1500 pouches per minute.

Although originally known as cellophane wrapping machines, Marden Edwards overwrappers can wrap just as easily with a wide variety of heat sealable films and papers. Polypropylene is the most popular wrapping material but Paper, PVC, Polyethylene and the new corn starch based biodegradable films run equally as well.

Because Marden Edwards knows that every production line is different every machine can be designed to be either left or right handed for controls and to be fed from either side or the front. Site engineering standards are taken most seriously and a wide range of PLC and inverter types can be selected.

Stretchbanders and Sleevewrappers

  • Collating and multipacking for distribution
  • Wide range of pack capabilities up to 1 metre wide
  • Low cost Polyethylene wrapping material
  • Either bulls eye or fully closed end seals
  • Strong, tear resistant Packaging
  • Customised specifications
  • Reel width to 1 metre wide
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast and simple size changeover
  • Two film reel operation with thin bead sealing
  • Pneumatic method of operation

Tuck and Sealing

If a film width wider than the product is used then the extra film is "shrunk" by either a heat tunnel or heat gun system. If a fully enclosed wrap is required then this is possible using a tucking and sealing system.

Marden Edwards stretchbanders are available in film width versions of 300, 600 and 1000mm. The feeding orientation can either be in-line or from either side. The construction is extremely rigid which makes the machine at home in the toughest of environments.

Packaging Handling Systems

  • Extensive pack handling experience
  • Customised solutions
  • Design management service
  • Before and after Overwrapping
  • Pack converger and diverter systems
  • Re-orienting
  • Star wheel and waterwheel
  • Bottom belt and side belt conveyors
  • 5th panel carton collating
  • Pocket and Paddle Conveyor systems
  • Leaflet insertion
  • Batch Counting and Sheet Feeding

Packaging Expertise

This expertise goes way beyond the simple provision of conveying systems, though this is an important part of the product handling equation. Pack convergence systems, pack diverters, waterwheel re-orientation devices, 90 degree product turners, side band infeed conveyor, square motion paddle infeed conveyors, pack stand up systems and fifth panel collators all form modules which provide a myriad of pack handling combinations.

For shelf ready Packaging Marden Edwards have developed a number of principles which mean that packs can be collated, loaded into either plastic or cardboard trays and then overwrapped. Every Marden Edwards shelf ready system and pack handling system is built to provide maximum versatility by allowing the system to operate without the tray and to solely utilise Overwrapping to protect the product.

It is Marden Edwards intention to be able to take responsibility and to provide full turnkey product handling and wrapping solutions.

Custom Packaging Machinery

If your wrapping requirement does not fit within the specification of any of the machines in the Marden Edwards range then it is possible to custom design the machine to your precise application.

In addition to designing bespoke handling systems to convey the product to and from the overwrapping machine, the Marden Edwards design team is frequently required to design new overwrapping machines to wrap pack sizes that fall outside the range of existing packaging machinery. The increasing demand for retail multipacks is driving custom packaging machinery design in both the Tobacco and Food industries to enable the overwrapping of a wide product range of large packs in both film and uncoated paper.

“Buy one get one free” offers in the Pharmaceutical and Paper industries has led Marden Edwards to design custom machines for the versatile feeding, loading and wrapping of dissimilar shaped products. Often product is accepted from more than one source before being collated and overwrapped.

In the Cosmetic and Perfumes industry, the desire for product differentiation through custom packaging has led to unique pack designs. For example, Marden Edwards has supplied custom designed attachments to overwrap rhomboid shaped packs on existing machines.

Other custom designs have included packaging machines for naked cake and nougat bars, paper products loosely wrapped with paper and sealed by a label and irregularly shaped products sitting on a cardboard U card. Marden Edwards invites you to tell us about your custom packaging machinery requirement so that we can help you find a solution.

Bespoke Packaging Machinery

When an inquiry is received for a completely new style of packaging machine, either for wrapping or another packaging application, Marden Edwards engineers can design a completely new piece of bespoke machinery suitable for the task.

With many years of design and manufacturing experience Marden Edwards is able to produce bespoke machinery for almost any application. Via our own design team and in conjunction with our trusted partners, bespoke packaging machines can be produced that are either incorporated into a turn key wrapping solution or are simply supplied as stand alone pieces of equipment.

Previous bespoke machines have included in-line buffer storage systems, random feed bank note collating and banding equipment, casepacking and waste product reclamation machinery.

If Marden Edwards cannot be of assistance directly then we can put you in touch with one of our trusted partner companies, such as ITCM, to provide a solution to your special purpose machinery requirements.

Market Sectors

Overwrapping is a versatile and well trusted form of packaging which not only improves product presentation but also preserves freshness and enhances shelf life.

The low energy and low raw material cost requirements for overwrapping have always ensured cost savings when compared to other forms of wrapping. When used for collating, the cost of overwrapping is less expensive than carton board based solutions and by using bio-degradable films just as easy to recycle.

This combination of high product appeal, versatility and cost saving has meant that overwrapping is applicable across a wide range of industries.

The Markets and benefits Marden Edwards supply and provide include the following

Confectionery Packaging

The role of overwrapping is vital to the confectionery industry. Marden Edwards has many years experience supplying confectionery packaging and overwrappers for all aspects of confectionery production, from large boxes of chocolates through to the high speed wrapping of small "Flip Top" cartons. Additionally, speciality Ballotin cartons are readily overwrapped.

The role of the overwrap has traditionally been to improve the point of sale impact, to provide tamper evidence, to extend shelf life and to eliminate the possibility of odour contamination.

Cost Effective

Point of sale display trays, with open lids, are handled with ease. Open top trays are generally less robust than complete cartons but offer a low cost and shelf ready display tray. Once the overwrap is applied an extremely cost effective and attractive pack is produced enabling the contents to be displayed at point of sale.

For the small "Flip Top" cartons speeds of up to 300 overwraps per minute are possible using Marden Edwards equipment. Such is the versatility of the machinery that the same machine is often capable of wrapping an individual carton as well as a 2, 3 or 4 pack collation without any loss of production output.

The use of such options as Tear Tape to facilitate easy open and Printed Film to convey extra marketing messages enhance the use of overwrap.

Perfume and Cosmetics Packaging

Marden Edwards understands the requirement for the extremely high presentation quality demanded by the Perfume and Cosmetic manufacturing industries. The quality of the overwrap indicates to the consumer the quality of the product inside. Therefore not only must the overwrap perform the traditional task of protecting the product and indicating whether tampering has taken place, it must also look beautiful.

To achieve a perfect "wrapped by hand" appearance the overwrapper accurately positions the film and applies heat only at discreet points to produce a very tight, accurate wrap with no scratches or imperfections. Marden Edwards versatility with cosmetics packaging allows the longitudinal seal to be positioned either on the Trailing Edge or on the Base of the carton, depending on the carton design and marketing needs.

Wrapping Machines for perfumes and cosmetics

It is essential that not only should the perfume wrap look perfect, but that the perfume machine wrapping process is fast and efficient. This means that not only should the wrapping speed be high, but many sizes can be run on the same machine without losing production efficiency.

Many different carton sizes can be handled with ease thanks to a fast and simple size changeover facility. On some models a complete three dimensional size change time of less than 5 minutes is achievable.

For the cosmetics industry a high speed output is often as important as presentation. The ability to handle a wide number of formats for perfume overwrapping and cosmetics packaging at a high input speed is a feature of Marden Edwards machinery. Speeds of up to 300 Overwraps per minute are available.

Food Packaging Machinery

The purpose of overwrapping within the food packaging machinery sector is to improve shelf life and to deliver multipacking convenience. The ability of Overwrap to use both tear tape and printed film enables the production of retail multipacks which are easy to open as well as being ideal for conveying extra marketing messages. Overwrap can also lead to a reduction in packaging material used by replacing expensive card with low cost film. The extra benefit of this style of food packaging is that the product is clearly visible to the consumer, enhancing its shelf appeal.

The multipacking of dry powder pouches or sachets makes extensive use of overwrapping. Pouches are produced at speeds of up to 1500 per minute. Marden Edwards food packaging machinery can then collate these products into groups from three to twenty and produce a cost effective, attractive retail pack which is less expensive than using a carton.

Innovative Systems

The collation and overwrapping of cereal multipacks is an example of the production of a retail multipack. Using Marden Edwards' bespoke engineering capabilities has produced innovative pack feeding systems ensuring that different varieties of cereal are automatically selected and collated in the correct order without manual intervention.

The overwrapping and packaging of cake products, both within a carton or loose on a tray, produces a product with enhanced shelf appeal which gives the product a "hand finished" appearance. The use of open top trays can enable the product inside to be easily seen as well as helping to reduce packaging costs.

CD and DVD Packaging

Marden Edwards has always been associated with media wrapping, from magnetic media such as the audio cassette through boxes of floppy discs to video cassette tapes. In more recent times the media market has focused almost exclusively on CDs, DVDs, game cartridges and DV tape.

The modern production demand is for an overwrapper which can switch rapidly from one size to another, be it a requirement for DVD packaging or CD cases of all types and varieties. Marden Edwards machines can wrap all these, and more, at speeds of over 120 individual packs per minute.

Robust Construction

Marden Edwards also supplies machines for wrapping, DVD packaging and the many different types of multi pack collations, be it a stack of 20 CD jewel cases containing re-writable media or a retail multipack of digital video cassettes.

Robust construction and straightforward size change ensure Marden Edwards machines are reliable, easy to operate and can handle a wide variety of sizes for all DVD and CD packaging needs.

Paper and Board Packaging

A broad range of paper and board products are overwrapped, ranging from soft paper products such as tissues and serviettes, through thicker gauges of paper as used for envelopes, paper reams and memo note pads all the way to the wrapping of loose playing cards and card skillets.

The successful automation of the product feeding is an essential part of any paper and board overwrapping application. All Marden Edwards systems can be automated so that product is automatically taken form the pre-ceding machine and loaded directly into the overwrapper without the need for manual intervention.

Versatile Machine Range

Marden Edward's versatile machine range means that reams of paper up to A3 in size can be wrapped either in film, heat sealable paper or plain paper with glue applied during wrapping. A wide range of sizes can be handled by the same machine ensuring that market changes can be quickly responded to.

Memo pad wrapping, for both individual pads as well as collations is also an important area for Marden Edwards. The market for memo pads has diversified greatly over recent years spawning a large variety of pack sizes and collation formats, not to mention sequences of colours. Individual pad wrapping at up to 220 pads per minute is matched by a wide variety of collating options to produce a high quality wrap for twin packs up to 24 packs, again often on the same machine.

In the playing card and games industry Marden Edwards works closely with the suppliers of the card cutting and collating machinery. Speeds of up to 140 packs per minute are possible but more typical is a running speed of 60 per minute for a deck of 52 cards. The use of tear tape helps ensure that when the cards are unwrapped not only are they in pristine condition but are immediately accessible.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

The high quality packaging of Medicines, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products is essential to ensure the confidence of both the retailer and the consumer. Overwrapping and Stretchbanding are well suited to the demands of the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries since the resultant package is fully enclosed to witness tamper evidence yet the wrapping process does not use heat aggressively to seal the film.

A typical use of Marden Edwards machinery is for the Overwrapping of collations of cartons of blister packs at line speeds of up to 600 cartons per minute. The Overwrapping machine can either be in line with the production process or accept product from the side. High speed waterwheel re-orientation systems and pneumatic, mechanical or servo collators provide the machinery with the versatility to adapt to a very wide variety of sizes and pack collation formats. The advent of shelf ready packaging for blister products sold in the supermarket has led to extra versatility being built into machinery with the addition of integrated tray dispensing and loading equipment.

Pack Protection

High speed individual pack wrapping for products such as Condoms, Contact Lens kits, Pregnancy Testing kits and Sutures are all traditional Overwrapping applications. The use of the easy open tear strip facility with all of these products greatly enhances their appeal by giving the consumer the certainty of pack protection together with a swift method of opening. Individual wrapping speeds of 300 cartons per minute are possible whilst still enabling the machine to rapidly change from one size to another.

Tea and Coffee Packaging

The overwrapping of tea cartons adds extensive value to the tea contained inside. Whether the tea carton contains tea bags, loose tea, herbal tea or bag in box Overwrapping the outer carton confirms to the consumer that the product inside has not been touched since it left the factory.

For example, overwrapping protects the protruding cardboard lip of caddy style cartons which can easily be damaged in transit. For bag in box applications it proves beyond doubt that the contents have not been substituted for an inferior quality and for tagged tea boxes it controls the spread of the aroma, extremely important when different herbal teas sit side by side on the super market shelf.

Full Production Line

Marden Edwards systems provide solutions in all production environments, ranging from tea bag packaging, overwrapping the output of a single tea bagging machine packing into 20s up to a full production line system accepting the input from multiple machines. High Overwrapping speeds are available whilst maintaining the versatility of still being able to run many different size formats on one machine.

Multi coffee brick overwrapping is another Marden Edwards speciality. With an input line speed of 160 bricks per minute Marden Edwards machines can produce both double and quad packs on the same machine with the minimum of changeover time. The machine uses industry standard printed film and accepts long running jumbo film reels which enable a complete shift to run without stopping for a film change.

Tobacco Packaging

Within the tobacco industry, the requirements for product differentiation, increased market share, lower cost running and more versatile production lines mean that the requirement for Overwrapping is greater than ever.

For many years Marden Edwards has been known for the Overwrapping of 200s display cartons. This still remains a very important requirement and with outputs greater than 100 Overwraps per minute available, all required production line speeds can be achieved.

Cost Savings

Collating 20s and 10s packs into 200s has become even more popular as the requirements for cost savings increase. Replacing the Boxer with a Collator/Overwrapper saves the cost of the outer carton and with the use of high quality printed films produces a very attractive outer Overwrap. Additionally expensive board outer cases for distribution packs of 5000 and 10000 cigarettes can be replaced using a Marden Edwards Stretchbanding system machine which produces a tight bundle Overwrap using low cost PE film.

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