Marflow Hydronics


We supply pressure independent control valves, or PICVs. These valves offer the operational skill of  three different valves in one convenient and compact unit.  The PICV acts as a differential pressure control valve, a regulating valve and a 2-port control valve.

We provide PICVs in sizes ranging from DN15 to DN150, including:

  • Axial PICV
  • Rotary PICV
  • Dynamx Electronic PICV

Terminal Valve Assemblies

For efficient control and speedy connection for fan coils or hydronic terminal units, we provide the comprehensive Xterminator® range of terminal valve assemblies.

These terminal valve assemblies are supplied pre-assembled and pre-tested. They are ready for immediate installation into a fan coil assembly, or separately into a building’s roof space.

Terminal Valve Assemblies

Flow Measurement

Our Terminator® is a range is designed for top of the line flow measurement. These products use a regulating ball valve with a characterised insert combined with an integrated venturi for flow measurement.  This design combination ensures high accuracy of flow measurement and balancing across all valve settings.

Our flow measurement range includes:

  • TCV 90 – Standard flow commissioning valve , size range 15mm (½”) to 50mm (2”)
  • TCV94 – Low flow commissioning valve, available in 15mm (½”) size only
  • FR59 – Filtermate® Regulator ball valve with memory stop and indicator
Flow Measurement

Ball Valves

We supply a comprehesive variety of ball valves when the positive isolation or draining facilities is required within an HVAC heating and cooling system. All of our ball valves are the highest quality in design and performance. 

Our ball valves use high quality, triple-sealed stem designs developed to maintain a tight shut off for a variety of applications.

Ball Valves


We can help you select the proper multi-terminal manifold unit for your operation. This product will provide significant benefits over the approach of installing individual valve assemblies at each terminal unit.

Our manifold system houses all of the valves required for a group of terminal units in a single, insulated box. Please visit our website for more information.


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