Marram Technical Services Ltd


Marram Technical Services Ltd

We produce all of the PCBs that you need to keep your Scorpio and Super Scorpio vehicles working.

You may have thought that these boards were out of production.  You're wrong.  We started producing the boards, for Ametek, when production of Super Scorpios was still underway here in Scotland.  The boards that you purchase from us are all newly built using new components.

We also have a few "pre-owned" boards, some are original Ametek Straza.  We can supply these at considerably reduced prices.  However as they are a little old we cannot offer much of a guarantee.

But don't let this put you off! - we get boards for repair that are original Ametek Straza boards. Some of them are over 20 years old, but if they have not been physically damaged they can still work OK.

Standard PCBs

We have boards that will work in your system so long as you have not made extensive modifications.

  • MUX Program 8-6AO33012
  • Heading Interface 8-6AO33303
  • Servo/Valve Driver 8-6AO33402
  • MUX Input/Output 8-6AO33009
  • Auto Heading 8-6AO19601

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Non Standard PCBs

A few vehicles were produced that were different from the mainstream designs.  They used special boards.  We still have a few of these in stock.

  • Auto Depth/Pitch/Roll
  • Vertical Attitude Control
  • Cable to Tag
  • Diode Board
  • MUX Top Board

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We keep stocks of all major components - particularly those that are officially obsolete.

Over the last 3 to 4 years we have found that some components have become officially obsolete.  Undaunted we have scoured the Universe for supplies.  We don't think that there is any part which is truly obsolete.

  • AD572AD
  • AD562KD-BIN
  • HD1 15531-9
  • MUX Mother Transformer
  • MUX Program Toroidal

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We can repair/inspect your boards

If you think you have a problem give us a call.

We don't do this for nothing!

If you deliver a single board to us we charge £50 (UK sterling) to evaluate it.  If expensive components need to be replaced we will call you and advise the cost before we carry out a full repair.

We will charge you for return delivery at cost +10% unless you arrange this yourself.

If you deliver more than one board the cost will be a little less - please ask for a quote.

If we find that a board is beyond economical repair and you subsequently purchase a replacement there will be no charge for the evaluation.

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