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High performance military and aerospace grade AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC/AC pure sine wave inverters and EMI filters. Most of Martek Power Abbott's standard military power supplies (COTS power modules) are designed with Overtemperature protection, Overvoltage protection, Output Short Circuit protection, are environmentally sealed, and are MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-810 compliant.

Our semi-custom power supplies / value added power solutions, utilising field proven standard power modules,  offer simple, reliable and flexible solutions for small and medium volume production runs with minimal NRE and fast lead-time. We also offer full-custom power solutions suitable for higher volume applications.

Railway & Automotive Power Supplies

Our rugged power supplies are now installed in trains, trucks, and many other vehicular applications throughout the world. Examples of applications are:

  • LED power supplies or lighting power supplies for LED display and low voltage lighting
  • engine management system
  • cabin electrical equipment for trains
  • access control & ticketing
  • fire protection equipment
  • radio communication & entertainment
  • rugged power supplies and LED power converters for fire protection equipment
  • DC converters and power inverters (DC-AC) for electric vehicle
  • airplane brake control

Output power of our railway & automotive power supplies range from 15 W to over 30,000 W. Standard and custom power supply units are designed to ensure industry standards such as:

  • for railway industry : EN50155, EN50121-3-2, EN50125, EN61373, NF F16-101, NFF16-102, STMS-01, RIA 12, RIA 13, RIA 18, RIA 20.
  • for automotive industry : ISO/DIS 16750, ISO3795, DIN57879, ISO11451-3, ISO10605, ISO7637-2, ISO11452, CISPR25, IEC68-2-1, IEC68-2-3, IEC68-2-30, IEC68-2-34, IEC68-2-38.

Our company has been certified ISO TS16949 for many years.

Railway & Automotive Power Supplies

Medical Power Supplies

Martek Power has been offering reliable Medical Grade Power Supplies for over 30 years. We are well versed with IEC60601 requirements, 2nd and 3rd editions; and knowledgeable with FDA Rules and Regulations. We’ve offered custom medical power solutions that can meet both non-patient and patient contact applications meeting both the stringent medical and EMC requirements. We can certify our medical power supplies through UL, TUV, CSA, CB and CE at our state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2008 facilities. We provide a wide product offering which includes AC and DC inputs, low and high output voltages, single and multiple outputs, including total power factor correction for the whole power supply system. Output power of our medical power supplies and medical power converters ranges from 50 watts to 6,000 watts and system power to 28,000 watts.

We also offer Custom  medical power supplies / medical power converters  that can meet both non-patient and patient contact applications meeting both the stringent medical and EMC requirements.

Medical Power Supplies

Telecom & Networking Power Supplies

Continuous research and development keep us in the forefront of the Telecom / Networking power supplies technology, complying with the industry's latest standards and requirements. The benefits of our power supplies designed into telecommunication and networking applications are:

•integration friendly 
•compact (high power density) 
•low noise and low EMI high reliability 
•redundancy and paralleling capabilities 
•highly efficient low cost 
•PFC (Power Factor Correction) 
•smart power supplies with digital communications 

Our Telecom and networking power supplies are designed into Distributed Power Networks, Servers, Enterprise Networking,  Wi-Fi.

Telecom & Networking Power Supplies

Computing & Data Storage Power Supplies

Martek Power is a market leader in power conversion solutions for systems that use distributed power architectures (DPA) and intermediate bus architectures (IBA) with 48V, 5V, 8V and 12V outputs. These include Single Phase 85 - 264 Vac PFC front-end ac-dc power supplies, DC input models with -36 to -72 Vdc and 43 - 53 Vdc inputs, and power supplies in compact PCI (cPCI) and SSI format.

Our range of computing power supplies and data storage includes a large number of models that are designed specifically as bulk power front-end power supplies for systems that use DPA or IBA. They include 1U, 2U and 3U high power, rack-mount power supplies with individual power ratings up to 1,500 watts which can be configured as rack power systems with very high output capabilities and/or N+1 redundant capability.

Computing & Data Storage Power Supplies

Industrial power converters

Martek Power offers a wide range of highly efficient industrial power converters and power supplies for demanding industrial applications. Common features of our robust power supplies (AC power supplies, DC converters and DC filters / EMI filters, DC-AC inverters) include high efficiency, wide operating temperature range, wide input voltage ranges, short circuit protection, low noise, low cost, and high MTBF rating.

 We self-certify our power supplies to UL, TUV, CUL and CE at our state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2008 facilities.


 Technical Capability Highlights:

•programmable logic controllers
•access controls
•high end portable or rack mount test instrumentation
•low noise
•wide input range; 90 - 480 VAC
•wide temperature range; -40 to 70°C
•Wi-Fi power supplies
•LED power supplies / lighting power supplies
•lightning surge protection capability
•high power laser power supplies and lamp power supplies

Industrial power converters

Railway dc converters with ultra wide input range

March 2011 - Martek Power extends its technology leadership in power supplies designed specifically for railway applications with the introduction of a DC/DC converter designed to satisfy the majority of rolling stock DC power applications with a single unit. As a result, users are able to specify the same power supply no matter what the input voltage demanded by the application.

The CCR050 Series DC/DC converters accept a very wide nominal input voltage range from 24 to 110VDC (16.8 to 137.5VDC) and provide up to 50W. Nominal output voltage is 24VDC; models with alternative output voltages are available on request. Efficiency levels are better than 85% at 72V input voltage. They comply fully with the requirements of EN50155 for railway applications, including EN 50121-3-2, EN55011 and EN 61373. Key features include reverse input voltage protection, over voltage protection, permanent short circuit protection and inrush current limitation. Operating temperature range is -40º to +70ºC without derating. CCR050 Series converters feature faston terminals for both input and output connections and are available open frame or housed in a simple metal enclosure. The open frame version measures 105 x 100 x 35.5mm.

Railway dc converters with ultra wide input range
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