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At MARTOR UK, we offer you a wide range of safety knives. We have hundreds of types, models and blade configurations to meet your needs and expectations. Choosing the most appropriate safety knife for a specific circumstance and tasks can go a long way to making cutting safer in the workplace.

Our safety knives are perfect for cutting:

  • cardboard boxes and strappings
  • paper, corrugated pasteboard, plastics
  • sheet material
  • rubber, linoleum, leather
  • foamed plastics and fleece material
  • carpeting material
  • roofing felt

Deburring Knives

MARTOR Deburring Knifes and tools are designed to finish the job swiftly, efficiently and most importantly safely. The development of special MARTOR Deburring Tools has been based on major aspects such as comfortable handling, quick blade change and a choice of blade configurations.

MARTOR Deburring Knives are designed so that the tool remains in contact with the job, this reducing the risk of slips and due to the design will produce the desired edge finish quality.


Deburring Knives


We have wide selection of scrapers available to meet your needs. From heavy duty jobs to household use, our line of scrapers are robust and durable.

Our range of scrapers includes:

  • Cast zinc heavey-duty scrapers
  • Budget-priced household scrapers
  • Chrome plated metal scrapers
  • Retractable single-edge scrapers
  • Stainless steel scrapers

Sharps Bin

Our sharps bin is designed for the safe collection of used blades.  This safety device allows for the safe disposal of old, used utility blades once filled. Our sharps bin is perfect for seeing accidents are prevented, and is a time saver for your staff.

Sharps Bin

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