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Mato - world leader in high performance belt fastening systems for joining conveyor belts, where safety is paramount.

Full range of heavy and light duty belt fasteners is available for most applications. 

Mato Industries has successfully developed its business supplying a complete range of conveyor belt maintenance products and services into wide sectors of industries such as Quarrying, Steel works, Potash, Salt mining, Waste recycling and many other industries.

Light Duty Belt Lacing Systems

  • Distribution Centres
  • Laundries
  • Food Industry
  • Filter Press Industry
  • General Industry

Medium Duty Belt Lacing Systems

  • MS Series
  • Wire System MP20
  • ELR Series
  • Hammer System U20

Belt Lacing and Repair Systems

The MATO Screw system can be used for belt splicing and rip repairs. The systems offers:

  • High compression in the belt (vice like effect)
  • Easy Installation

Wire System MP20 - Fastener for PVC Belts

The MATO Wire System MP20 is designed for use in PVC belts up to 800kN/m belt strength.

  • Coal Mining
  • Industry

GEM 103/110 ELR Series - Fastener for Industry

The MATO Wire System ELR is designed for use in PVC belts up to 800kN/m belt strength, main applications:

  • Coal Mining
  • Industry

Hammer System U20 - Fastener for Industry and Agriculture

MATO Hammer System U20, use in belts in the thickness range of 4-7mm. Particularly suitable for operation on small pulleys, extremely long service life.

Main applications:

  • Industry
  • Agriculture

Heavy Duty Belt Lacing Systems

HD Safety System U60 - Class 1 Machine Fastener

MATO HD Safety System U60, development from the reliable System U30, for high tensile conveyor belts with large pulley diameters.

Main applications:

  • Coal Mining
  • Ore Mining
  • Cement & Steel plants

HD Safety System U30 - Class 1 Machine Fastener

High strength belts where safety and reliability is essential, main applications are:

  • Coal Mining
  • Ore Mining
  • Gravel Pits and Quarries
  • Cement and Steel plants
  • Snowcats
  • Industry

Standard System S30 - Class 2 Machine Fastener

MATO Standard System S30 is effective for use in belts up to 1400 kN/m. The main applications are:

  • Coal Mining
  • Gravel Pits and Quarries
  • Cement and Steel plants
  • Industry

Eco System E30 - Class 3 Machine Fastener

The MATO Eco System E30 is effective for use in belts up to 1400 kN/m. The System E30 is a reliable and economic system recommended for use in conveyor belts where it's necessary to change splices frequently. The main applications are:

  • Coal Mining
  • Gravel Pits and Quarries
  • Cement and Steel plants
  • Industry

System H30 - Hammer Installed Fastener

The MATO Hammer System H30 is recommended for belts up to 1400kN/m and 5 to 14mm thick.

  • Fastener has pre-set staples, quick and easy to install.
  • Plate sets itself to the belt thickness, ideal for worn belts.
  • Fastener is supplied in strip lengths, suiting different belt widths, recommended for use in the following industries:
  • Coal Mining
  • Aggregate
  • Agriculture
  • General Industry

Belt Cleaner Systems

Range of belt cleaners from Tungsten Carbide to Polyeurethane Blades covering the whole range of applications from the Mining Industry to the Food Industry.

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Conveyor Belting

  • Wide range of conveyor belting available.
  • Flat chevron, PVC & drive belting.
  • Food quality.
  • All belt widths ex stock .
  • Quarrying, Mining, Potash, Steel, Recycling & Fisheries.

Conveyor Belt Cutters

Belt cutters include :

  • T Square
  • Rotary Belt Cutters
  • MR Type Belt Cutters
  • Heavy Duty Belt cutters

Conveyor Belt Clamps

Belt Clamps include:

  • Heavy to Medium Duty Belt Clamps
  • Heavy Duty Clamps
  • In Situ Clamps

Conveyor Belt Tracking Equipment

Conveyor tracking products include:

  • Disk Trackers
  • Belt Trackers
  • Flat Return Belt Tracker

Conveyor Accessories

  • Conveyor drums made to measure
  • Rubber covered shells
  • Wing rollers
  • Slatted drums

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  • We offer a 24 hour customer service for on site support.
  • We offer on site training to ensure proper installation of our products through our experienced belt maintenance specialists.
  • Whatever your belt lacing requirement, we will do our best to offer a solution.
  • Please contact our office who will put you in touch with the person who can help you.
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