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Matrix Power provides a high voltage test and commissioning service and we understand that power systems need testing on a regular basis to help performance.

High voltage test and commissioning is also vital to ensure your plant equipment operates inside the design parameters required.

We have a great deal of experience in site engineering and we will give you a hands-on test and commissioning service.

High Voltage Design

We can provide a high voltage design service which will cover all your needs and specifications.

Our high voltage design service can start from a single circuit protection scheme all the way through to an embedded generation design.

We can review your existing protection system and as part of our high voltage design service we can recalculate your existing grading in the event of a fault happening so that it causes no problems with your electrical distribution system.

High Voltage Design

Switchgear Installation

Our switchgear installation service includes:

  • Transformer installation
  • Busbar systems
  • SCADA systems
  • Switchgear installation (LV and HV)
  • DC switchgear (750v DC rail)
  • DC tripping battery supplies
  • Protection and control panels
  • Transformer - rectifier (750v DC rail)

Our switchgear installation service also includes installing and/or supplying free issue equipment to suit your requirements. Our switchgear installation is individually assessed and planned with full RAMS being issued.

Switchgear Installation

Switchgear and Protection Upgrades

Our switchgear and protection upgrades service includes switchgear circuit breaker retrofits, both HV and LV and protection retrofits.

Our switchgear and protection upgrades capabilities are ideal when you do not want to replace an entire switchboard due to money or timescale constraints.

If you would like this service or wish to know more about our switchgear and protection upgrades we will carry out a free survey as retrofits could be the answer.

Switchgear and Protection Upgrades

Switchgear Maintenance and AP Provision

Our switchgear maintenance and AP provision service includes switchgear, transformer and protection systems maintenance as well as a 24 hour 7 day a week call out service.

Our switchgear maintenance and AP provision capabilities are essential for compliance with Electricity Supply Regulations and by carrying out regular maintenance will give you less downtime and early warning of any problems.

If you have an HV system it is required that you have an Authorised Person responsible. Part of our maintenance and AP provision gives you an appointed delegate who is responsible to operate your HV system.

Switchgear Maintenance and AP Provision

Cabling and Cable Jointing

Our cabling and cable jointing service includes the following:

  • Cable fault location
  • Cable and cable containment installation
  • Cable jointing and termination

We will design and install cabling containment and support systems and provide cable jointing and termination of all your power cables.

As part of our cabling and cable jointing service we will locate cable faults with our resources.

Cabling and Cable Jointing
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