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The fine precision (Air-set) sand casting facility at Maycast-Nokes comprises of three casting sections, each having its own particular benefit:

The boxless / block casting section is used for the production of sand castings from 1kg up to approximately 30kg. Using either wood or resin pattern equipment. This section offers excellent repeatability whilst achieving extremely tight tolerances, thus reducing the need for costly machining operations.

The floor moulding section is manned by highly experienced, skilled craftsmen. This area produces castings from either loose pattern equipment, ideal for prototypes, or very large parts up to 500kg which are too big for the block moulding section.

Our third section uses British Mould Machines (BMM) for medium to high production quantities of smaller castings (0.1 to 10kg) often using multi-impression pattern equipment. This process technique offers a highly cost effective alternative whilst retaining an accurate and high level surface roughness.

Pattern Shop

A fully equipped pattern shop gives the company the flexibility to manufacture a vast range of precision sand castings. Single or multiple, solid or split patterns may be produced to any size using wood or resin.

Similarly, individual loose patterns can be produced inexpensively. These are ideal for making design prototypes or pre-production batches of precision sand castings.

The pattern is a replica of the component being cast. It is generally constructed of wood or resin to very high degrees of accuracy. The pattern is mounted in a frame to assist with handling, this also provides a level of protection from the daily rigours of continuous use.

Pattern Shop

Investment Tooling and Fixtures

The design and manufacture of the investment tool is one of the most important stages in the production of quality investment castings.

We use our industry acclaimed design expertise and a network of approved sub-contract toolmakers to ensure 'right first time', on time delivery of samples.

Our in-house toolroom designs and manufactures all the machining fixtures and drill jigs required by our two machine shops to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency of service.

Investment Tooling and Fixtures

Precision Investment (Lost-wax) Casting

The modern-day investment casting process is based on one of the oldest known metal-forming techniques dating back several thousand years to early Indian and Egyptian civilizations, where it was used to create idols, ornaments and jewellery from natural beeswax patterns.

Maycast-Nokes manufactures precision investment castings in an extensive range of ultra-light aluminium alloys, stainless and low carbon steels, as well as a range of copper-based alloys.

This casting process allows castings to be formed to very close tolerances, thin wall sections and a high degree of cast-in detail. All of which allows the casting designer far greater freedom than with any other metal forming process.

The investment casting produces a superior surface quality along with the ability to work with complex sections and thin wall sections. The resulting casting therefore requires minimal machining, modest surface finishing.

Precision Investment (Lost-wax) Casting

Gravity Die Casting

Gravity die casting is ideal for the production of a wide variety of casting sizes in a number of different alloys.This process produces accurate, well defined parts. It is accomplished by pouring molten metal into re-usable dies under gravity.

It is also known as Permanent Mould Casting. Gravity die casting provides a high production rate due to the rapid cooling rate of the molten alloy in the cast iron die. Re-usable die tooling makes this process very cost-effective when high quantities are considered.

Castings can be heat treated to achieve superior mechanical properties and improved machinability. The process uses cast iron dies with steel cores which results in excellent repeatability. Internal features can be cast by using shell cores.

Fully machined and finished castings can be supplied and the company's engineers are available to provide assistance with casting design.

Gravity Die Casting

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