Me and My ID


We want you to be able to have one email address for life, without worrying that it will become so clogged-up with spam that you are driven to abandon it and start over with a new address, in spite of how inconvenient that is for your friends and family.

Me and My ID is a simple way to take back control of your email address. Only you and your closest friends need ever know your real email address – for everyone else e.g. marketing firms, give them a different, unique Me and My ID email. That way, you'll know if it was given or sold to other businesses without your permission, as they'll be using the unique address you created for the business you intended to hear from.

If you start getting too much junk, you can simply reject emails to the unique address that's receiving it and cut ties completely with the offending supplier and all those they gave your address away to as well.

Don't rely on ticking the boxes to decline marketing emails or refusing permission for your details to be shared with “carefully selected partners” – theft of personal data is rife and there are too many unscrupulous traders in personal information to rely on this. Me and My ID puts you back in charge of who contacts you, without having to manage multiple email accounts.

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