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We actively manufacture pneumatic control valves and associated products for the transport, process, medical and machine control industries, offering an extensive component supply service.

Using the latest Solidworks 3D modelling techniques and associated rapid prototyping, we are able to design and manufacture bespoke pneumatic control valves to your exact specifications.

Mead Engineering Range

Established in 2004, at Mead Engineering Services we have over decades of experience in the pneumatics industry and are able to design special customer products with full technical support.

We manufacture a wide range of valves that interchange with the Mead Fluid Dynamics Ltd/Parker Pneumatics V15, V20, V21, V22 and V23 products. These robust, highly advanced valves are perfect for harsh or continuous use applications.

Also in the Mead Engineering range, we include special purpose cylinders designed to meet specific performance requirements, door control products and leisure applications.

Solenoid Valves

We offer a broad variation of solenoid valves in the Mead Engineering range.

These include:

  • VM15 Series Solenoid Valves - 3/2 valves, size ¼ with VM15 manifold bases: 8-station with push-in fittings or threaded ports
  • VM21 Series Solenoid Valves - 5/2 and 5/3 valves, size 6mm
    single and double solenoid pilot
  • VM22 Series Solenoid Valves - 5/2 and 5/3 valves, size 1/4
    single and double solenoid pilot
  • VM23 Series Solenoid Valves - 5/2 valves, size 1/2
    single and double solenoid pilot

We also supply the VM20 series of in-line valves at sizes 1/8 with air pilot valves available in the VM21 and VM22 series ranges.

Design and Manufacturing Service

We offer an excellent design and manufacturing service for customers requiring bespoke pneumatic products. We use the latest Solidworks 3D modelling techniques to produce rapid prototypes and series production as required.

Mead USA Products

At Mead Engineering Services Ltd, we distribute both Mead Fluid Dynamics Inc and MFD Pneumatics products.

The Mead Fluid Dynamics range is ideal for automation and production applications and the MFD range is aimed at the high quantity OEM market where low cost is essential. Many of the products are held in stock for immediate delivery or may be supplied with short lead-times, and we will hold local stocks to satisfy repeat orders.

Mead USA products include:

  • Bespoke Cylinders
  • Door Control Products
  • Light Emitting Seals
  • Seal Kits
  • Special Design and Development Service

Award Winning Mead Isonic Valves and Manifold Range

Designed to substantially minimise installation and maintenance costs, we offer a unique plastic valve and manifold range for general applications.

This award winning range of isonic valves and manifolds comprises of many high performing, light weight components ideally suited to robotic applications in medical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Their plastic construction enables them to be used very efficiently and the manifold assemblies may be easily interfaced with field-bus and computer controlled systems.

Isonic V1 Series Valves

The isonic V1 series of valves offer numerous user features. Some of them are listed below:

  • 4mm Push-in Fitting Ports
  • Direct Acting 2/2 Solenoid Valves
  • Direct Acting 3/2 Solenoid Valves
  • Isonic M1 Series Manifolds
  • Manifolds to Gang-stack V1 Valves
  • Isonic V1 Series Accessories

Isonic V2 Series Valves

Coming with a wide selection of accessories, our isonic V2 series valves are available as normally open (NO) valves or normally closed (NC) valves.

Other features include:

  • 4mm Push-in Fitting Ports
  • Direct Acting 2/2 Solenoid Valves
  • Direct Acting 3/2 Solenoid Valves
  • Isonic M2 Series Manifolds
  • Manifolds to Gang-stack V2 Valves

Isonic V4 Series Push-in Fitting Ports Valves

The isonic V4 series valves, although only 20mm in width supply a surprisingly high flow. Features of the V4 series are listed as follows:

  • 6mm Push-in Fitting Ports
  • In-line 4/2 Solenoid Pilot Valves
  • In-line 4/2 Air Pilot Valves
  • In-line 4/2 Double Air Pilot
  • Isonic M4 Series Manifolds
  • Manifolds to Gang-stack V4 Valves

Mead PTO Switches

Designed specifically for switching Power Takeoff (PTO) systems and incorporating a facility for handbrake interlocking, our range of PTO switches is for manually operated 4/2 valves, rated to 13bar, that are panel or dashboard mounted.

They include a safety pneumatic or electric reset facility, and a visual indicator to alert that the valve has been operated.

A new air applied-to-operate version of PTO switches is available that is ideal for controlling fuel tanker vent and foot control valves.

6mm and 4mm PTO Series Valves

6mm and 4mm PTO series valves are available in our range with several user features:

The 6mm PTO series valves incorporates:

  • ACV-R6M-AP Valve with vented Air Reset
  • ACV-R6M –SP B Valve with Solenoid Reset
  • Kit of Parts to Customer Requirement

4mm PTO series valves:  (Plastic)

  • ACV-R16B Valve with Solenoid Reset
  • ACV-4E24 Solenoid Reset Manifold

4mm Aluminium PTO Switch

NEW PRODUCT - 4mm PTO Switch

Aluminium PTO switch, with or without Interlock.

Part number ACV-R4M-AR (non solenoid)      ACV-R4M-AR-B - (with solenoid)


We supply the AIRTAC product range, Valves, Cylinders & F.R.L products

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