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Medicell International Ltd has for many years supplied laboratory products to the United Kingdom, Europe and the World and with our website it is our intention to provide as much information as possible on the ever increasing range of products available from us. Some of the items are so specialised that we have set up separate sites for them and reference will be made to these sites where relevant.

Dialysis Membranes

VISKING DIALYSIS MEMBRANES is made from natural cellulose (cotton linters) by dissolving it in special inorganic solvents and reforming the polymer by removing the solvent to form flat sheet, tubular or hollow fibre membranes. The material has the elastic and flaccid characteristics of a gel when wet with water. Regenerated cellulose, like its parent native cellulose, is quite resistant to organic solvents, elevated temperatures and extremes of pH.

Daltons Flat Sheets

Sold in rolls of 15 metres length these flat membranes are the equivalent of sheared tubing and will provide a simple and cost effective membrane where tubing is not required

Molecular Weight Cut-Off 12000-14000 Daltons  
Code Width (mm)
DTV14000.25 25.0
DTV14000.50 50.0


Key Points;

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminate tying knots in the membrane

Spectra/Por Closures

General Description;

They are normally used in tandem with a weighted Closure or Magnetic Weighted Closure. Attach a regular Closure on the top of a dialysis sack and a weighted closure at the bottom of the sack to automatically achieve a vertical floating position.


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