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Meditelle manufacture and supply medical and healthcare equipment. We specialise in the production of custom made Medical Couches, Chairs and Medical Furniture suitable for examination, assessment and clinical treatment within medical, clinical, nursing and healthcare sectors.
Every piece of Meditelle's healthcare equipment is produced at our factory in Birmingham and meets the guidelines provided by British Standards and CE marking. We are an NHS approved supplier and a member of the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency).
At Meditelle we also offer an onsite visiting reupholstery service for any brand of couch, chair and waiting room seating.

Medical Plinths

We manufacture specialist medical plinths and provide an impressive selection of high-specification models to suit an assortment of medical, clinical and healthcare applications.

Our medical plinths include:

  • Medical Plinths
  • Minor Surgery Plinths
  • Bariatric / Bobath Extra Wide Plinths
  • Trendelenburg Plinth
  • Heavy Duty Comfort Plinths
  • Heavy Duty Manipulation Plinth
  • Aesthetic Surgery Couches
Medical Plinths

Treatment Couches

We produce a highly versatile and popular collection of medical treatment couches. Our treatment couches are cost effective and we provide both electronic and hydraulic designs for the treatment and examination of patients.

Our treatment couches include:

• Multi-purpose Treatment Couches
• Extra Wide Treatment Couches
• Changing Tables
• Mat Tables
• Paediatric Couches

Treatment Couches

First Aid and Examination Couches

Our specialist first aid and examination couches include low level, portable and heavy duty couches. Our diverse first aid and examination couch range includes popular rest room sets, ideal for examination, assessment and treatment.

Our first aid range of equipment designed for offices, businesses, sports centres and schools includes: 

  • Examination Couches
  • First Aid Couches
  • First Aid Low-Level Paediatric Couches for Schools
  • First Aid Room Equipment Sets
  • Portable First Aid Plinths
  • Privacy Screens
  • Dressing Trolleys
  • Couch Steps
First Aid and Examination Couches

Gynaecology Chairs and Couches

We produce a specialist collection of gynaecology chairs and couches. Our gynaecology chairs and couches are specifically designed for gynaecology and obstetric procedures.

Our affordable and practical range includes:

  • Gynaecology Static Chair
  • Gynaecology Electronic Chair
  • Gynaecology Couch
Gynaecology Chairs and Couches

Clinic Treatment Chairs

We manufacture specialist clinic treatment chairs including static, hydraulic and electronic designs to suit a wide variety of medical, clinical and healthcare applications.

Our clinic / treatment chairs include:

• Clinic & GP Surgery Chairs
• Minor Surgery Chairs
• Podiatry Chairs
• Ultrasound Chairs
• Ophthalmic/ENT Chairs
• Paediatric Chairs
• Bariatric Extra Wide Clinic Chairs

Clinic Treatment Chairs

Phlebotomy Blood Sampling Chairs

Our phlebotomy chairs for blood sampling are extremely popular with clinics, medical centres, NHS hospitals and GP surgeries. A selection of affordable and practical designs are available for blood taking.

Phlebotomy Blood Sampling Chairs

Clinician Seating

Specialist medical chairs and stools designed for the seated practitioner, clinician, surgeon or technician.Ergonomically designed our specialist stools and chairs give excellent support and comfort during procedures.

Our clinician seating includes:
• Practitioner Seating
• Sonography Seating
• Ergonomic Posture Seating
• Saddle Seating
• Anaesthetist Seating
• Foot Operated Operating Theatre Seats

Clinician Seating

Medical Privacy and Ward Screens

Choose from our range of screening systems including rigid panelled screens and partitions with curtains. We manufacture to your order requirements so you can select three, four, five or six fold configurations plus a choice of colours to suit your environment. We can also produce bespoke designs for children's wards.

Medical Privacy and Ward Screens

Onsite Reupholstery Service

A complete onsite reupholstery service offering GP Practices, Surgeries, Health Clinics & Hospitals a professional re-upholstery service UK-wide:

• All brands of medical couches / chairs & waiting room seating recovered
• Carried out on your premises
• Meets CQC guidelines for infection control
• NHS approved

Onsite Reupholstery Service

Dental Seating

Meditelle Dental  is a sub division of The Meditelle Group and offers cost-effective, quality seating solutions specifically designed for dental practices. Our unique dental product range is designed and manufactured in the UK for use by dental practitioners, hygienists, nurses, technicians, assistants and receptionists within the dental practice environment.

Our Dental Seating includes:

  • Traditional Posture Saddle Stools
  • Surgeons Medi Saddle Stools and Chairs
  • Ergonomic Tri-Shaped  Stools and Chairs
  • General Dental Seating
  • Traditional Practitioner Chairs
  • Surgeons Chairs
  • Dental Nurses Stools and Chairs
Dental Seating

First Aid Equipment

First Aid Couches & Equipment

Meditelle First Aid Equipment is a sub division of Meditelle Medical and offers a wide choice of Specialist  Couches & Equipment for all types of First Aid & Emergency Care:

  • First Aid Couches
  • First Aid Room Recovery Beds
  • First Aid Room Equipment Sets
  • School First Aid Couches
  • First Aid Trolleys
  • First Aid Screening
First Aid Equipment


An approved supplier to the NHS, all Meditelle couches and equipment comply with British Standards and CE marking regulations and are CE marked as a medical device.

Meditelle’s equipment products are designed to be used in demanding clinical environments and high risk infection control areas and include anti-microbial vinyl’s and framework that incorporate an infection proof additive effective at reducing the spread of bacteria such as E coli and MRSA.

Specialists in manufacturing custom made couches, plinths, trolleys, screens and seating to meet all types of medical, clinical, nursing and healthcare needs Meditelle have proudly produced equipment for and supplied the NHS for over 20 years.

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