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Medway Optics is a progressive and informed company dedicated to the supply of high precision high quality products in the optics, infrared spectroscopy and microscopy markets since its incorporation in 2002. The company has made huge stride in acquiring many customers that include government establishments, educational institutions, small and large companies across many sectors of industry in the UK, across Europe, Asia and in North America.  

The success of the company is driven by the technical competence of our staff, who have many years experience in the market channelling informed response to customers' requirements. This informed personal service is backed up by the high quality and diversity of the products we offer at very competitive prices and on-time delivery, backed by an unquestionable guarantee of customer satisfaction. A key aim of Medway Optics is continuous investment in our products and people and the provision of total quality in all aspects of our operation.
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Laser components for high and low power lasers from Near-IR to Far-IR applications are offered. Components include windows, lenses, mirrors, beamsplitters and output couplers. Materials processed includes Zinc Selenide, Germanium, Silicon, Potassium Chloride, Copper mirrors, Copper-Nickel-Gold (hard) mirrors, Molybdenum mirrors and Beryllium mirrors.


A variety of dielectric and single layer metal coating options are applied to many materials components surfaces to modify their transmission and reflection properties of the components. These include durable high efficiency dielectric coatings, hard carbon (diamond-like) coating, dichroic filters, high energy 'V'-coatings for CO2 lasers and other IR/UV-VIS lasers, beamsplitter coating on ZnSe, Ge, Si, KBr etc, broadband coating for thermal imaging (3-5um & 8-12um) and spectroscopy (1-25um) and high reflectivity laser mirror coatings. Full list and details are within the section.

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We offer one of the most comprehensive choices of components and material available for standard and high precision optical applications. Components choice includes many types of lenses, windows, beamsplitters, prisms, mirrors, etc, Materials choice includes ZnSe, ZnS, KCl, Ge, Si, KBr, NaCl, CaF2, BaF2, AgCl, AgBr, KRS-5, AMTIR-1, MgF2, Sapphire, IR Fused Silica, TPX and other exotic materials. Wavelength coverage extends from less than1um to over 50um.

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Diffraction gratings employed extensively in optical resolution and calibration instruments are available for both high power lasers and non-laser applications from UV to Far-IR. Both master and replicated gratings are available on copper and glass substrates. Special CO2 laser blazed components with extremely high laser damage threshold is among the products on offer.

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Standard filters for routine applications and custom filters for research and special applications are available for quick delivery. All our filters have excellent blocking, high transmission with steep slopes for high performance. They are durable, reaching or surpassing MIL Specifications on Adhesion, Hardness and Humidity. Filter types include bandpass (narrow and broad), edge filters (long wave and short wave), laser wavelengths, neutral density and colour imaging filters.

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Premium grade materials are used in the manufacture of numerous standard and custom components for optimum performance in use. Materials include Fused Silica, Crystal Quartz, Magnesium Fluoride, Calcium Fluoride, Sapphire, BK7 and many types of Schott Glasses. All types of anti-reflection coatings from hard multilayer dielectric coatings to single layer MgF2 coating are offered as coating options.

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High quality precision components for harmonic generation and dye laser sources are produced from high purity grade materials for optimum efficiency in optical applications. Materials include LBO, BBO, KTA, KTP, GaSe, and many more.

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Medway Optics specialises in the supply of single unit prototype to high volume batch production of custom optics to exacting specifications, on budget and on-time delivery. We manufacture many components in a large variety of UV-VIS-IR materials and have many very satisfied customers in diverse Industries, Institutions and Government Establishments worldwide.

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An extensive range of quality products - windows, ATR crystals, KBr & XRF dies, presses, gas cells, diamond compression cell and other accessories for infrared sampling are uniquely available for spectroscopists. Contact us if you cannot find or get what you want. Most of these products are in stock or on short lead times.


This is one of the most comprehensive collections of ATR/FTIR and Raman Spectral libraries of pure compounds currently available.

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Sample handling accessories and fluorescence filters to suit most makes of FTIR microscopes. Accessories include micro vice sampling holder for all shapes and sizes of samples, Diamond and Carbide Steel sampling knives, sample manipulation tool set, Diamond compression cell and windows plus en extensive fluorescence filter range.

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