Meerdink (UK) Ltd


Meerdink (UK) Ltd is a major supplier of Ekki, Opepe and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) timbers, suitable for marine and heavy construction work. Read More

Railway Timbers

Ekki timber is so versatile in the construction industry, here are some examples of it being used for spanning the full length of a railway bridge in sections of up to eight metres in length. Read More

Marine Application

Meerdink have for many years manufactured timber Lock Gates and lock gate sections at their Mill in Holland. Ekki and Opepe have been the timbers used for this work as both are quality timbers and have a superior grade and life span.
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Bridges and Walkways

Ekki is the ideal hardwood for building bridges because of its superior strength and natural durability, also much less wood is required than alternative timbers, which in turn means that by using Ekki reduces the pressure on the forests of the world. Read More

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