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We have a wide range of polyurethane timing belts designed and made for many different applications. Our range of poliurethane belts includes the Megapower, Megaflex, Megalinear, Megrib, Megaflat, and special poliurethane belts.

All our polyurethane timing belts are all made to the highest standards and our special belts can be produced with out without cords and covered in many materials and in accordance with your drawings.

Rubber V Belts

Our rubber V belts are manufactured from polybutadien compounds and are available in a wide selection of sizes and for a wide range of applications.

Our rubber V belts are available for a wide range of multiple transmissions and their dimensional stability remains the same during the use of the belt.

Rubber PV V-Ribbed Belts

Our rubber PV V-ribbed belts are endless rubber belts with a V-shaped cross section groove and made of the same compound as our V-belts.

Our rubber PV V-ribbed belts transmit the motor power using friction from the driver to the driven side of the machine they are powering.

Rubber Synchronous Belts

Our rubber synchronous belts are an ideal system for the transmission of power as well as for high and constant angular speeds.

Our rubber synchronous belts are also ideal as they have excellent mechanical performances as well as dimensional stability, low noise, low installation tensions, no lubrication and maintenance, and are resistant to high and variable loads.


We can supply a large selection of pulleys and complete drive systems.

Our range of pulleys include pulleys for standard applications and we can also make bespoke pulleys if your needs require.

Timing Bars

We can supply a selection of quality timing bars to be used for a variety of applications.

Our timing bars are toothed cylinders  available in standard forms or we can make your timing bars in accordance with your drawings.

Clamping Plates

We can supply clamping plates made to the same high quality as our other products.

Our clamping plates are ideal for the fixing of timing belts.

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