Meler Gluing Solutions, S.A.


Meler Gluing Solutions began its activity in the year 1970. Our broad experience turns us into an important specialist in everything related to adhesives. The professionalism shown along all these years, adapting ourselves to the ongoing changes that have been taking place in our sector, has consolidated us as a reference brand in the market. Our large and complete range of products allows us to resolve any adhesive application needs in many and diverse sectors, just as shown on the current website.

Meler Gluing Solutions is much more than a company, it’s an international group with a worldwide activity in anything related to gluing solutions. Its headquarters are located in Pamplona (Spain). Besides having fully-owned branches in France and Italy, ‘meler‘ has got over 35 wholesalers spread around Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania.

Meler Gluing Solutions main aim is to become your best provider, wherever you are and whatever your need is. We are competent specialists in adhesive industrial application systems.

The design, manufacturing, sale and service of all components are made following international quality and safety regulations, applying these basic concepts below:

·         Perfect adhesive application.

·         Easy handling.

·         Compact-size dimensions.

·         Factory preselected values protection.

·         Maximum standardization.

·         Easy maintenance.


Our new Micron Series

Design and cutting-edge technology have come together to create the Micron Series of Meler Gluing solutions

Based on a long design experience and an intense collaboration with public and private research institutions MELER developed and launched the innovative product whose highlight is an energy saving of 60% compared to other hot melt tank units in the market. Both, a perfect melting and pumping efficiency are the main features of these melting units.

The Micron Series has achieved a big advance in the careful heating of hot melt. Thanks to a totally equal temperature distribution over the entire surface of the tank ground, no spot of overheating occurs that would lead to premature charring of the adhesive. With the design of the assembly Tank/Pump/Pneumatic unit a very even and precisely controlled  glue-pressure is achieved.

Micron’s outstanding design gives a premium status to installation where this device is integrated. The handling is simple and intuitive, perfect to help any operator in their day to day, which translates into significant handling cost savings. The simplicity of maintenance is one of the strengths of these units. A simple twist of screws gives you a quick and effortlessly access to the interior of the unit. The totally opening tank lid simplifies the loading and the cleaning of the hot melt tank.

The user safety is a top priority in the design of the MICRON. The housings are entirely “cool touch” technology, a depressurizing valve release any glue pressure in case of a system alarm equipment shutdown.

The MICRON series is available in the tank size of 5,10,20 y 35 liters.

With over 30 years of experience, MELER is a leading manufacturer of Hot Melt EVA and PUR application systems and components. MELER's large and complete range of products, allows them to resolve any adhesive application needs in many and diverse sectors that include the Graphic Arts, Book Binding & Paper Converting, Mailing & Fulfillment, Packaging, Non-Woven products, Food, Chemical &Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Wood and Furniture, Textiles and more.


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