MemoTech Ltd


MemoTech Ltd is a specialist franchised distributor and stockist of Memory and Storage Products. Based in Cambridge with over 15 years of successful trading we have built up a client base of Industrial OEMs and CEMs who appreciate ‘service from knowledge’. Specialisation has allowed us to understand our products in depth and in turn offer the best choice and support to electronic buyers and engineers.

With MemoTech you can be sure that you always using ‘best fit’ products in your systems.

MemoTech will, of course, back up our service with:

- Competitive pricing
- In depth stocking and forward commitment
- Guaranteed Quality procedures to ISO 9001
- Product change notification


We support SDRAM, DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 components and modules specifically for the industrial user.

MT41K256M16TW-107 MICRON DDR3 SDRAM is a key component that we can help with.

We use suppliers who offer long term support and supply in both commercial and industrial temperature ranges. Recently we have introduced Mobile SDRAM and Mobile DDR offering power saving features which are ideal for portable medical equipment and industrial applications. Legacy Dram like EDO and FPM versions are also supported and still supplied.

All modules we supply use the exact same Dram memory components for each order code. This guarantee is not available from most third party module vendors.



MemoTech offer robust storage products in a variety of standard form factors. Industrial grade Compact Flash Cards, SD cards and Micro SD cards are all available using SLC Nand Flash components. This ensures the maximum possible read/write operations with specific guarantees on reliability and performance. Additional firmware and controllers will ensure you have peace of mind now and into the future with regards to the best possible system endurance.

Industrial grade Solid State Drives are also in standard 2.5 inch drive format for direct HDD replacement. Latest products include new CFast Compact Flash Cards that have a serial interface and mSATA drives which are compatible with a PCI Express interface and as well the Slim SATA form factor.

For an embedded application we supply the popular eMMC option. This includes flash memory and a controller in a standard bga package. This simplifies interface design and frees up any processor from memory management.



Asynchronous Srams are available with fast speeds and/or ultra low power as well as a variety of package styles and densities. Hi-speed synchronous Srams including ZBT equivalents, are also supplied. Super fast QDR II and QDR II+, DDR II and DDR II+ Srams are our specialisation, with speeds now reaching 550MHz. 5V legacy products are also supported and still supplied.



Parallel Nor Flash is supported with direct alternatives to industry standard legacy parts inc. AM29F040 and AM29LV040, AM29F016 and AM29F800. Popular low pin count SPI Flash devices are also available together with a range of Nand Flash components.

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